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How to Clean and Reorganize Learning Space

As the cases of the COVID-19 increase month after month, learning from home has become a part of the quarantine routine for the last couple of months. Some homes do not have the appropriate learning space for the children. Thus, their parents made sure to provide the setup their child needs.


Where do you study? Is your child caught in homeschooling because of the pandemic? Then it is time to revamp your study space. 


Studying requires an organized learning space. Here’s how you can improve the learning space at your home, whether it’s for yourself or for your kids:

Declutter All The Way

Students have several things in their room. You expect them to own several magazines, books, snacks, anything to help them get through their day. It is frustrating to see their mess around. Your children can find time to clean their room once a week. If your child is still at school age, you have to supervise the cleaning all the time. Determine what’s best to do to make their room clean and organized all the time.


However, decluttering may take up most of your time. If you do not have enough time on the weekends to clean and declutter your home and their learning space, outsource the task. Hire maid services to clean up their messy room.


It is important to create a clean and organized learning space so the next time your children study, they will not waste their time cleaning up the mess. Moreover, there’s a proven correlation between clutter and reduced productivity.

Organize their Desk

Now that the clutter has been put away, it is time to organize all of the studying materials. You can purchase a desk organizer, folder, file carriers, or pen containers for your child’s desk. Arrange the desk properly. Do not pile up the things in a disorderly fashion as it will only lead to clutter sooner or later.


Place the things on the desk in a position that can help increase productivity. Preferably, the center part of the desk is to palace books, notes, or other study materials.

Comfort is the Key

Nobody wants to feel any discomfort when working or studying. It is easier if you are comfortable and enjoying what you are doing. However, you have to draw the line between comfortable and too comfortable. 


When you say you are too comfortable, you are in your pajamas before you try to read a book, and not less than 10 minutes, you feel sleepy. However, the organization is different for everyone. It has several perceptions, that’s why you have to choose the style that perfectly fits you.

Remove Any Kind of Distractions

The biggest problem for learning at home is the distractions around– there are too many! Beds, computers, fridges, TVs, smartphones, and other people in the house can constantly distract from studies.


If you encounter your child having more time on the computer, phone, or whichever thing that distracts them– limit their exposure. You can provide a designated study room or remove the distractions from their immediate surroundings.

Use Colors to Promote Learning

If you want to set the mood of the learning space, you are showing emotions. Choose a dominant hue for your kid’s learning space or for your own. You do not have to re-paint the learning area for this matter. Instead, choose furniture and accessories that are helpful, but in these colors:


  • Blue – Color that represents intelligence and communication skills. 

  • Brown – Helps relieve exhaustion

  • Green or Purple – Calm. It instills a sense of peace.

  • Yellow – Gives out positive energy.

  • Yellow or Red – The color promotes creativity.


If you are organizing for your kids, choose the color that depends on their needs. If your child is easily distracted and gloomy, give your kid an orange or yellow one. Moreover, if you want your kid to talk but he is shy and needs encouragement is the best choice.

Personalize the Learning Space

You can decorate and personalize the learning space with the things that you want the most. Place photographs, posters, or inspirational quotes to motivate and help you keep going. You can put some spice by adding one or two plants in the learning area. Studies show that plants can improve quality and focus. Most importantly, you are in the home, you can do anything you want to.


There are several accessories that are tempting to buy. Do not, these cool things might create a distraction. One or two houseplants is enough for the learning space.

Lighting and Temperature

You might be too focused on organizing and cleaning your child’s learning space that you overlooked the lighting and temperature of the room. The lighting and temperature of the learning space can affect their productivity and learning.


Ensure that you’ve invested with adequate lighting. If the learning space does not have proper lighting, it can strain their eyes and have headaches. Other than the lighting, the learning space should have a good ventilation and heating system. If it does not, it will cause some negative effects as well. Studies have proven that good airflow is essential to provide the brain enough oxygen to help it function faster and better.

Final Thoughts

To successfully clean and reorganize the learning space, you have to be confident and firm on it. Fill your study space with your dreams and aspirations. It might be those things that let you see your favorite spot that inspires you to learn.


Once you have cleaned and reorganized the learning space of your children, they can retain and learn more from their studies. There are no distractions in their room and all of the things they need are close by. Thus, they can completely focus on their work. Soon enough, you will realize the impact of a clean and organized learning space on their grades.


Creating a study space is all about comfort and personalization. As you or your children who use the learning space dedicate their time to studying and working, create an atmosphere that gives the motivation to work towards the goal. If you do not have the time to clean and reorganize the room, you can always tap on outsource service companies like Liox Laundry. They provide cleaning and laundry services.

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