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How To Clean Fiberglass Shower Properly

Coming out of a dirty shower can make you feel unclean. Besides, having a dirty shower will make your home look lousy. A bathroom is one of the main places in a home and should be kept clean at all times. Fiberglass shower is nowadays highly preferred due to its great features. They enhance not only your bathroom's interior but also your bathtubs. But, the major issue comes on how to clean a fiberglass shower. In reality, if it is your first time using fiberglass showers, cleaning can be a little tricky.

To restore the brilliance of a fiberglass shower, you will need to clean them properly with the best products. Therefore, how do you clean a fiberglass shower? Below is a guide on how to clean fiberglass shower properly;

1. Remove everything from the shower

Remove things like bottles, soap, razors, and any other soap supplies from the shower. Wipe off the dirt from the objects so that dirt doesn’t get back into the shower. Otherwise, dirt at the bottom of the bottles can go to the clean surfaces of the shower.

• If there are empty or old objects in the shower, throw them away.

• If the shower has curtains, remove and wash them.

2. Rinse off all dirt and debris

Rinse the dirt and debris from getting into the walls of the shower cabin accidentally. The cleaning agent will help in removing all dirt.

3. Ventilate the room

Open the door so that steam and moisture do not accumulate in the bathroom. Then turn on the fan. If the bathroom has a window, open it. This is to prevent the fumes that are not to be inhaled from accumulating in the bathroom.

4. Prepare a cleaning solution

I. Poura cup (80 ml) of liquid dishwashing detergent into the spray bottle. The dishwashing detergent will dissolve the oils and fats that make the soap scum and will remove dried dirt.

II. Measure 1 cup (240 ml) of white vinegar. Vinegar is not only an excellent remedy against bacteria and mold, but also great for removing soap and limescale. And do not worry about the unpleasant odor, because it will evaporate when the vinegar dries.

III. Heat vinegar in the microwave. Set the timer for 1 minute to heat vinegar. Since warm vinegar is easier to mix than cold, it will increase the effectiveness of the cleaning solution.

IV. Pour the vinegar into the spray bottle and mix the solution. Mix the ingredients by shaking the bottle. Continue shaking the contents of the bottle until the solution is homogeneous. Do not shake the bottle too much since it can create foam. As a result, you will get a solution painted in the color of detergent and with a little foam.

5. Apply washing solution

I. Apply detergent to a dirty surface. Spray the solution onto the surface of the shower stall and tray. Wait 1015 minutes for the ingredients to penetrate the dry soapy residue, mold, and mineral deposits.

• If there are no soap deposits, mold, and mineral deposits in the shower, you can immediately start cleaning.

II. Rub the place with a sponge, rag, or soft brush. Wipe the surface of the shower with a non-abrasive material, paying attention to the dirtiest areas. Reapply the solution as needed. For example, if the detergent dries before you reach a particular area, spray more on that place.

• Do not use bristle brushes, hard sponges, or iron sponges to avoid scratching fiberglass.

6. Rinse the shower with cold water

Spray cold water from the cup onto the surface of the shower stall to wash off the cleaning solution and dirt. Most likely, you will have to rinse the walls several times to remove the remnants of the product.

• If there is a hand watering can in the shower, use it instead of a cup.

Everyone should strive to make his/her shower clean. Dirt can affect our health in one way or another. Therefore, utmost care to showers should not be neglected. By following the guide steps above, you will be able to clean the fiberglass shower with ease.

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