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How to Clean Golf Grips – 3 Best Ways



The grips are one of the most important pieces of equipment for golfers. Cleaning them is not a difficult task, but it does take some time and effort. In this article, you will find out how to clean your golf grip in five easy steps.


 Cleaning your golf grips can help prevent injury by ensuring that they're free from dirt, grime, or other substances that might be harmful to your hands.


Golfers can spend a lot of time and money on their equipment. Cleaning the grips is an often overlooked part of golf care. If your grip is dirty, you are not only risking a slip or fall but also ruining the rest of your clubs with dirt and grime that gets transferred from hand to club. 


Cleaning golf grips might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be! Follow these five steps for properly cleaning golf grips and get back out there on the green!


How to Clean Golf Grips:


1- Warm Soap and Water:


The best way to clean your grips is with the following steps: 


1.      Fill your bucket with water and add a dash of washing-up liquid.

2.      Use this soapy, wet cloth to rub in suds on each grip for about 30 seconds - until they're nice and foamy! Rinse them off using flowing warm water (not too hot!) from their end-of-handle side while squeezing out all excess bubbles.

3.      Then dry your washed grips by quickly rubbing them with toilet paper before finally wrapping them around an absorbent towel that will be used as well.


2- Grip Cleaning Wipes


The GRIPE pack is an innovative new product that helps you to clean and maintain your golf grip. With a single wipe, it can easily remove dirt from all types of grips and store the rest for later use in its convenient carrying case!


You can now have fresh, tacky grips on the golf club you love without having to buy a new one! GRIPES' grip cleaning wipes are specially made for any and all types of golf grips. They also come with a fast-drying formula that allows your grips to air dry quickly enough before wiping them down in time for around. 


You'll never be caught unprepared again because these wipes fit perfectly inside any golfer's bag, so they go where their clubs do - from range sessions at home or even just out playing 18 holes (or more!). The most important thing is that it restores the material, making them FEEL like new too!


3- Household Cleaners


To give your clubs a thorough cleaning, use a household cleaner like Windex and spray it on the grips. The dirt will be broken up below their surface, and they'll feel almost new again after rinsing off with water. 


However, don't forget to wipe down any leftover chemicals from doing this--ammonia can make grips hard or brittle if too many stay behind, so please rinse well!


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Should I need to buy New Grips?


How do you know when to update your grips? The first sign of a problem is that the club will become hard and slippery. One easy way to test this is by gripping it lightly, seeing if it sticks or not. If there are any oil stains on your fingers after wiping them off on a paper towel, we can assure you that you need some new ones!


How can I keep my grips newer longer?


Keeping your grip dry and in good condition for longer rounds is essential to keep focus. Keep an extra towel with you, as well as wearing a glove that will help maintain the quality of your golf grips under stress-inducing conditions.




Using these two simple strategies, you can avoid replacing your golf grips and keep them looking new. Remember that regular cleaning will make the grip last longer than if it were not cleaned at all!


No matter how often we clean our expensive grips with warm water or soap, they may be severely worn down after just one round of golf on a hot day in Arizona during summertime.

You should never forget that you don't always have to re-grip every club in the bag at the same time. For example, if you use your wedges or putter more often, just change their grips and save yourself some money!



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