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How to clean the flat iron?

Owning a flat iron is your first step in the world of hairstyles. The flat iron is an amazing piece of technology but sadly many people don’t handle it with care. Your flat iron needs care and protection.

You need to realize the fact that this product is no different than any other appliance that you own. Flat iron also needs cleaning to remain functional and keep in working condition for a long amount of time.

Here is where the question arises, how should we clean our flat iron? Please note that the Salon quality 2 in 1 curling and straightening iron requires some special attention when it comes to cleaning.

Cleaning your flat iron.

 To put it in the simple term you can clean your flat iron using cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, or by using a damp cloth. To clean your flat iron firstly after styling you need to plug it out of the socket and let it cool for a moment.

If you try to clean your flat iron right after styling while it's hot it can not only be dangerous for your flat iron but it can also burn you as flat iron can get up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

So after carefully using your flat iron remove its cord from the electric socket and let it cool down for a bit then take a cotton ball and dip it to rubbing alcohol solution and rub gently on the plates of the flat iron.

After cleaning the plates take a damp piece of cloth and start to wipe it along the entire body of the flat iron.

This was a simple method for cleaning your flat iron. Later this article will guide you step by step on how to clean your flat iron in a couple of minutes or so. But before you know how to clean your flat iron you should know why it is so important for you to clean your flat iron.

You will also find out that if you are using this product the right way or you are using it as it was not intended which will ultimately lead you towards side effects.

Cleaning your flat iron before and after using.

According to our research, we have come up with a simple conclusion that cleaning your flat iron before use is better than cleaning your flat iron after use.  This becomes more evident if you are using some sort of heat protection cream on your hair or you are using oil.

This happens because the flat iron has plates on them and these plates get hot, and when these hot plates come in contact with your hair, it burns the protective layer of heat protection on your hair resulting in completely burned hair.

These burned up hair and heat protection fluid gets stuck on your flat iron. It's not only bad for the functioning of your flat iron but it is very dangerous for your hair as well.

This build-up waste hinders the functionality of the flat iron, resulting in uneven distribution of heat. This factor is the culprit behind the slow heating of your flat iron. In fact, these banged up flat iron are not able to style your hair at all.

In short, you need to take care of your styling product because by taking good care of your flat iron you are not protecting the product but you are protecting the health of your hair as well.

Step by step clean up of your flat iron

The first step in the cleaning process is to turn off the flat iron when you are done with your styling. Some flat irons have a build turn-off feature which becomes very handy if you clean your flat iron after every use.

A flat iron that does not have this feature is at a higher risk of malfunctioning because leaving the heat on for a long period is not good for any appliance let alone flat iron.

A flat iron is made to hold heat but it cannot deal with this heat for hours. If you forget to turn off the product after use you will see it starts to deteriorate much faster.

 Using Rubbing Alcohol

Once your flat iron cools down you should take rubbing alcohol in a bowl and dip some cotton balls in the rubbing alcohol and after the cotton balls sock up the rubbing alcohol you can apply it onto the plates of the flat iron.

Cotton is recommended because it absorbers all the dirt and dust that is accumulated on the plates of the flat iron.

Wipe with Cloth

For the final step, you should take a cloth and dampen it, and after a while wipe the whole body of the flat iron for perfect results.


In this article, you will find step by step ways for cleaning your flat iron these cleaning methods are tried and tested by expert professionals and hairstylists. Just be careful while cleaning the flat iron for the 4c silk press as they are a little sensitive sometimes.



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