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How to Clean Your Cat’s Ears

Cat’s ears are sensitive but also prone to wax, ticks, dirt, and infection. Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of your cat's ears is essential for their overallwellbeing.That's why I’ve discussed some simple and effective ways to help you know how and when to clean your cat's ears.

How Often Should You Clean a Cat’s Ears?

The regularity with which you clean your cat’s ears depends on your pet's breed, hair, activity level, age, and production of ear wax. It is recommended that most cats’ earsshould be cleaned at least once a month. Others need more frequent cleaning, particularly those who swim regularly or get their ears wet.

Benefit of Cleaning Cat Ears

Cats are sometimes at a risk of developing ear canal infections that are painful and causesother health problems. But, with regular ear care, cats will live a happier, healthier life.

Should You / Can You Clean Cat Ears at Home?  

If you're worried about cleaning your cat's ears yourself, you should always take them to your vet or to a groomer instead. This could be costly if your cat needs regular ear cleaning.

Cleaning the ears of your cat at home with the right equipment and techniques is very easy. You might also ask your vet or veterinary technician to teach you how to clean your cat's ears in the clinic so you could clean them properly when doing it at home.

Common Signs to Look for When Cleaning a Cat’s Ears

The most common sign of ear problems is shaking of the head or pawing of the feet. This ought to alert you to the fact that something is wrong. You might also see changes in the ear flaps, including:

·         Reddened skin

·         Hair loss

·         Thickened, leathery skin

·         Crusting, rash or pustules on the inner or outer ear flap

You may also notice

·         Dark brown/red or white discharge from the ear

·         Odor from the ear

·         Narrowing of the ear canal

·         Painful ear(s)

·         Swelling around the ear

·         Change to eating or drinking habits

·         Reluctance to open the mouth

Top tips for Cleaning a Cat’s ears

·        Lift up your cat's ear with one hand and hold it between your thumb and forefinger so that you can see the inside of your ear.

·        Gently clean the ear with a piece of damp cotton wool to remove any dirt or wax on the ear pinna and the entrance of the ear canal.

·        Administer the ear cleaner by placing the tip of the applicator in the ear canal. These are specifically designed for cat ears so you are unlikely to cause damage to the ear drum, although it is necessary not to push the tip too far into the ear.

·         Squeeze the bottle to release the ear cleaner, and then massage the base of the ear as this will disperse the cleaner in to the ear.

·         If there’s cleaner in the canal, wipe it out with a piece of damp cotton wool.

·         If you have been to vet, apply the medicine as indicated.

·         For the second ear, adopt the same technique.

If you need any assistance should you be concerned about your cat or need help cleaning your cat’s ears then visit your vet.

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