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How To Clean Your Entire Home in 3 Hours or Less!

Does house cleaning seem like a headache for you? If so, then this article is especially for you. In this post, we will tell you some tricks in which you can clean your whole house in less than three hours.

So, if you want to know how, keep scrolling further!

Cleaning the home is a cumbersome task especially when you're a working person. Also, nobody wants to spend their Sunday sweeping and dusting - it is meant for sleeping right?

Here we are sharing some smart ways and tips using which you can easily clean your house in a couple of hours.

How To Clean Your Entire Home in 3 Hours or Less

Before getting started with the process, here are some useful tips that will help you to clean your house in one shot :

  • Always start from top to bottom and then back to front. This ensures that the dirt that falls away from the top will be cleaned as you work your way on the floor.
  • Start from the door and then work in the room either in a circular fashion. You can work in any direction.
  • Don't go to another part until the part you're working on is completely clean. Take one part of the house at a time.
  • Don't create a mess. Just work the specific task individually. For instance, first, sweep the entire floor then begin with mopping.
  • Caddy is very helpful in keeping all the cleaning supplies like sponges, scrubs, cleaners, mops etc. at one place. You can easily carry it from one room to another.

What Do You Need?

Before cleaning the house, you need to gather all your cleaning tools and supplies at one place so that you can easily carry them around. This is where a caddy comes into play. Here is a list of tools and cleaners you need:

A Caddy: To keep your cleaners, mops, rags, scrubs, wet bag, brushes etc.

A Toilet Cleaner: keep a squeeze bottle of toilet cleaner as it is easier to use.

Microfiber Cloths: Microfibre cloths are very easy to use. They clean the surface quickly and also get washed in no time. So, have a couple of these. If you don't have microfiber cloths then don't worry. Use a soft old t-shirt for the same purpose.

Also, if you're using microfiber cloths, then don't use fabric softener on it because it will destroy the quality of the cloth

A Brush: Keep a brush handy for scrubbing floors, bathtub, sinks and showers.

Wet Bag: Keep a wet bag to store your used mops, towels and sponges to wash later.

Dusting Spray: You can either buy it or use a homemade one. Here is a quick DIY recipe: mix ¼ cup of white vinegar to 1 cup of water. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil and two tablespoons of olive oil. Mix everything well and fill in your spray bottle.

Glass Cleaner: A glass cleaner is always good to have when you have glass windows.

All-purpose Cleaner: All-purpose cleaners are very useful. You can clean everything with them, from floors to cabinets.

Homemade Soft Scrub: Soft scrubs are very helpful in cleaning showers, sinks and toilets. You can easily make it at home by mixing a couple of tablespoons of castile soap to � cup of baking soda. You can also add a few drops of essential oil if you have. Further, if you are in no mood of a DIY then use a commercial one.

Let's Get Started!

So, you've all your supplies with you, now you're ready to dive in. Put the oldest t-shirt on, pull your hair into a bun and let's begin!

1] Prepare The Toilet

The cleaner needs to sit into the toilet bowl for an hour. So, do this at the beginning, by the end, you can clean it. For this, drizzle a good quantity of toilet cleaner under the rim and inside the bowl.

2] Collect The Trash

Pick a basket, bin or a carton to collect the trash from each room. This will save you from cleaning the mess. Also, keep a laundry bag ready from throwing in dirty linens, clothes, blankets etc.

3] Dust Your Way

Start from the first room and work from up to down. Do this for every room and dust everything from photo frames, paintings, hoods etc.

4] Clean The Glasses

After dusting, pick up your glass cleaner and clean all the mirrors, windows, TV screens and anything that's made of glass.

5] Clean The Flat Surfaces (kitchen platforms, tabletops, countertops, etc)

For cleaning the flat surfaces, spray some all-purpose cleaner on the surface and work with a sponge from left to right. Leave the cleaner on for some time and clean it. Letting the cleaner sit on the surface helps in removing tough stains and stuck-on dirt.

6] Clean The Floors And Baseboards

For cleaning the floor, first, sweep every room or use a vacuum cleaner. Collect all the waste materials and trash in the bin and then start with a wet mop. Mop the floor nicely by spraying a little floor cleaner.

Meanwhile, also clean the baseboards but make sure you're not scrubbing them hard as it may result in chipping of paint. Click here to learn how to easily clean your baseboards.

7] Time For Bathroom Cleaning

Clean everything from the showers, bathtubs, vanities, cabinets and sink. Use the microfiber cloth for cleaning the racks and the cabinets. And for cleaning shower, bathtub and sink, take some DIY scrub we have prepared on a brush and scrub gently. Keep it for some time and wash it away.

8] Back To Toilet

Finally, clean your toilet in which the cleaner is resting from some time. First, scrub the bowl using a brush and flush. You can also use a drop-in tank tablet for extra freshness. After cleaning the bowl, sweep and mop the floor nicely. Also, don't forget to remove the clogged hair and empty bottles.

There you have it - a squeaky clean home!

Isn't it easy?

Cleaning the house is not as hard as it sounds. You just have to do it in the right way!!

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