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How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Your Android Phone?

Your web browser and applications store some information that is important to accelerate your web and application experience. However, your android phone stores file over time that you don’t want or need. These files create junk that prevents your android phone to function efficiently. 

To get rid of this issue and increase the efficiency of your android phones, you need to clear all the unnecessary or junk files. Follow the tips of Shop Carmel to clean cache and cookies from your android phone. Moreover, these tips are easy, quick, and simple to follow.

Also, know that clearing cache files,not only increases the speed and efficiency of your android phone but you also get some free space in the storage of your device. On the other hand, by clearing cache, you can also resolve many behavioral issues of New websites Today General News  you run on your android phone.

Guide to Clear Cache and Cookies on Your Android Phones has divided its guide for clearing cache and cookies into two categories.

·         Clear cache and cookies – third-party applications

·         Clear cache and cookies – chrome app/ web browser (android) 

Both of these methods are easy and can quickly clear caches and cookies from your android phone. 

Clear Cache and Cookies – Third-Party Applications

If you want to clear junk files to have the ultimate browser experience, follow the process discussed below:

·         First, go to any chrome app installed on your android phone. 

·         Secondly, look for the icon bearing three dots.You can find it at the right top on your android phone’s screen.

·         Thirdly, press this icon so that you can open a menu.

·         Fourthly, from this dropdown menu tap on history.

·         Then, finally, tap the option of ‘clear browsing data’.

However, if you wanted to clear only the oldest data from that chrome app then select data as per dates.

·         You can do this just by a single tap on the option ‘time range’ present in the dropdown menu. 

·         Now select cache files and images from that data.

·         After selecting these files tap the button of ‘clear data’ and get all the cache clear from that chrome application. 

Clear Cache and Cookies – Chrome App/ Web Browser (Android) 

The browser cache and the app cache are the same. These tiny chunks of information stored in your android phone accelerate your experience while using any application. However, sometimes when any application suddenly stops or shuts responding these caches are found to be the real culprit. 

The cache data may affect the overall performance of any application. Sometimes applications start misbehaving due to cache data stored in a large amount. Although cache data can be cleared following an easier and fastermethod. 

You will not lose your account information because your app data will not be deleted by clearing cache data of your app. 

Let’s have a look at the easiest and simple process of clearing cache data:

·         Open the settings option built-in in the menu of your device. 

·         Now tap the option of storage.

·         Under the option of device storage tap on internal storage.

·         Then, click the option of cache data.

·         After clicking cache data now click the ok button.

Things to Remember 

·         The Ok button will appear in the dialog box that takes your consent before clearing all cache data from all apps. 

·         Clearing data of app cache does not mean you are clearing app data.

·         App data includes much important information such as account information and it does not delete by clearing cache data.

·         However, you can also clear app data such as account information but you need to follow the exact menu.

·         Do not forget to take caution while removing app data from your android phone. 

·         Android phone that does not bear SD cards for storing data will not give you choice between SD card and internal storage. 

Final Thoughts

The cache data on your android mobile requires getting cleared periodically. There is no need for frequent clearance of cache data and cookies for your android mobile. So make the process of clearing app cache and browser cache easy, using tips discussed over here.

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