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How to Colour Coordinate Drapes with the Wall

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When you are planning the interior décor of your home, the colour coordination plays a major role. The colour of the walls, curtains, furniture and accessories in the room should be coherent to enhance the overall appeal. If you want to give your home an instant facelift without spending much, the wisest solution is changing the drapery. Toronto is the home to numerous reputed stores which offer ample choices of draperies so you can colour coordinate them perfectly. 

This post outlines various ways in which drapery can be coordinated with your wall colour and enhance the overall beauty of your home.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Drapery Colour

When you are choosing the drapes, besides the texture, and material, the colour should be chosen keeping the aesthetics and functionality in mind. The following are a few tips that you should remember to easily make the right choice.

  • Match with your wall colour

This is the easiest way to make sure the draperies are in perfect harmony with your overall décor. Choose a patterned drapery fabric which has the same base colour as your wall. If you do not find the exact match that will not be a problem if the colour belongs to the same family and is a couple of shades lighter or darker.

Curtains Matching wih Wall Colour
Curtains Matching wih Wall Colour
  • Monochrome for a classic look

A sombre and classic look can be created with monochromes without any mess. Opt for solid curtain fabrics that is a couple of shades lighter or darker than your wall colour. Going for a monochromatic décor has several advantages as it can never go wrong provided you are choosing from the same colour family. Refer to the colour wheel before visiting the drapery store to easily identify the ideal fabric.

monochrome drapery concept
Monochrome Drapery Concept
  • Contrast with complementing colours

Colours that are directly opposite to each other on the colour wheels are complementary. If you want a bolder and contrasting interior, get curtains in shades that complement the wall colour. However, often the contrast is very striking which is not preferred by many homeowners. In such a situation you can choose a more toned-down version of the shade. For example, yellow and blue complements each other. If you have bright blue walls, opt for muted yellow curtains with textures and patterns.

  • Maintain an overall neutral look

If any one aspect of the room has a strong or bright colour, use neutral shades in the other aspects to tone down the overall look and maintain a balance. Grey, beige, browns, black and white are shades that easily complement brighter and colourful shades without making your room appear too bright or overwhelming. Neutrals are classic and have withstand the test of time, making them a popular choice among homeowners who are not very confident with bold colours in drapery.

  • Give importance to patterns and textures

Prints, embellishments, patterns and fabric textures should also be taken into account while choosing the right drapery that will match your room. For example, if you compare red curtains made of cotton, lace, velvet, and satin- there is a significant difference in their appearance and texture. While the red velvet drapes look majestic against your grey-beige walls, the red lace curtains may not have any positive contribution to your room décor.

Texture or Patterns on Curtains
Texture or Patterns on Curtains

Keeping in mind the colour wheel is the primary step when you are designing the interior while giving colour combination a priority. If you follow the tips shared in the post, shopping for curtains and drapes will become much easier and less time-consuming as well as you can avoid making any costly mistakes with the décor.

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