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How To Configure Return Merchandise Authorization In Magento Enterprise

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Magento is basically an open-source platform for e-commerce. It helps to empower numerous retailers as well as the brands for providing the ideal platforms for e-commerce along with the flexibility towards offering cloud solutions in order to ensure faster growth and innovation. The Enterprise Edition of Magento or Magento 2, which PurpleTree offers, presents a whole lot of unique improvements. In this article, we will talk about the manner in which one can configure Return Merchandise Authorization in Magento Enterprise.

The Return Merchandise Authorization from Purpletree ensures that the workflow for returning products in an easy manner along with the additional support, which it provides for email as well as SMS notifications during important steps of the whole process.

Now, before we talk about how can one configure RMA in Magento Enterprise, let us first given an overview of some critical details with regard to this particular extension from Magento 2.


The extension of Return Merchandise Authorization with SMS for Magento 2 helps to make it really convenient for the store owners of Magento 2 CE, to add the functions of returns along with refund into their stores. Both the Customers as well as the Admin can see data linked with Return in Dashboard and Admin sections respectively.

This particular extension also helps in generating SMS for crucial events at the time of the return process. One can integrate the SMS by making use of the API, which is HTTP based, almost available with all the providers of SMS.

Features Which Users Can Make Use Of

For talking about the configuration process in this particular extension, which is not available under opencart multi vendor, it is important to take a look at some of the features available for the users:

  • A user can look to raise a return from the pages, which include:
  • The default form of orders and returns present in Magento. One can easily use this without the need for login.
  • Then, from the dashboard allotted for the users, they can take return action for all those orders, which meet the eligibility for getting returned.

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  • A product can only be returned by the users within the number of days, which has been configured after the completion of an order. This is made use of by the owners of different shops to impose the number of days for return window.
  • General Configuration:

Let us look at the details, which one need to fill up in the form under General Configuration:

  • Module Enable
  • License Key
  • License Status
  • Default License Status
  • Default Resolution
  • Max Number Of Days After Order Completion
  • The Users go on to receive an email as well as SMS notifications as part of return confirmation.

Features Available For The Admin

There are certain features, which even Admin can make use of as part of Magento multi vendor extension. They include:

  • The period of return for the store can be configured by Admin in a number of days.
  • It offers Admin with the facility to keep up with the master data like
  • Status related to return
  • Resolution
  • Condition of Package
  • Reason behind return
  • He or she can even manage the terms and conditions related to return.
  • Admin can even get to manage the Terms and Conditions linked with a return.
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