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How to Create a Positive and Healthy Work Environment

In the past two decades, the trendy office environment has gone through a lot of evolution. No matter whatever office trends come and go, the only thing that never changes is the work environment and its impact on the employee’s well-being and health. One of the most important factors that contribute to a lack of productivity in the workspace is by not having a clean and healthy environment.

We have to remember one thing, only a good and quality work environment leads to a tension free and more productive atmosphere. To give profitable productivity, employees have to feel more comfortable in their working environment. With so much time being spent at work and in the work environment, it is only right to say that a positive and healthy workspace plays a vital role in maintaining the employee’s health.

Let’s look into some of the essential ways that we can follow to create a positive and healthy environment.

1) Create a Comfortable Workspace for the employee

We should make sure that the office they work should be more comfortable. Each employee requires an individual workspace to work comfortably, where they can have their tools, but still should be able to interact with the team members. Make sure that there is a white board in each space for a brainstorming session.

Here are some ways to create a comfortable environment to work:

  •    Comfortably designed workspace providing enough space to move comfortably
  •    Creating silent work zones by limiting the sound from the outer building
  •    Offering a different workspace for the employees to work during the day time.
  •    Build hot desking, informal meeting area, and attractive breakout areas.

2) Encourage for Workplace Wellness

Encourage to create a wellness environment for being healthier. The employees who are fitter will have fewer sick leaves and will be able to be more energetic at work.

We all know that the human brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and so water consumption will help the employees greatly, to improve energy level, sleep quality, ability to focus and work with clarity. Not only just drinking water, but it’s also important to drink purified water which in turn helps you to give the best productivity at work.

A few ways you can help your employees to be healthier:

  •    Offer safe drinking water
  •    Install and use a water purifier
  •    Teach employees about the importance of drinking water
  •    Encourage eating freshly cooked meals
  •    Limit the consumption of processed or fast food

3) Hard work should be recognized and rewarded

The most important tip to keep the employees boosted and keep the spirit high is to recognize and appreciate with rewards for the good work they have delivered. Hard work and productive results deserve appreciation.

Consider for any project, at first it is exciting but becomes more difficult as it moves on. Hence, make sure to set milestones and to reward whenever the milestone has been reached. Reward not needed to be a big thing, but just an email to the whole team by appreciating the hard work and informing that they have reached the milestone successfully. Even can make out for a treat with a team for a coffee or lunch. No matter in the size of rewards, it’s a point to boost the team.

4) Maintain a tidy and organized workspace

Learn to have a clean and tidy work environment, because cleanliness is the fundamental rule of life. Cleanliness plays a vital role because bacteria and dust can create a negative impact on your health.

You can bring plants to your workspace to create a pleasant environment, as they are more appealing and also help in cleaning the air. The plants help to create a healthier and comfortable workspace by improving air quality. Remember, too many plants also become overwhelmed, so make sure to maintain one or two at your workspace.

Research says that green color is linked to creative thinking. Of course, a lot of creativeness is required in our jobs, so designing the space with a lot of green can help you more. You will not be allowed to paint on your office walls. You can design your workplace with some backdrops of green hangings, wall art, etc. so that you are surrounded with a lot of green.

5) Lighting Ergonomic Design

A Healthy work environment requires proper lighting. Without good lighting, glare and shadows can lead to eye fatigue and headaches. Natural lighting is best if it is available. If not, a good quality light setup will make employees work effectively and with less stress.

A few ways to redesign the lighting setup of your office:

  •    Maximize natural lighting
  •    Adding Skylights
  •    Move big, bulky furniture that blocks sunlight
  •    Minimize glare
  •    Replace flickering lights

The most important resource for any business is its human resource and keeping the employees hale and hearty is a very important responsibility. Take all the necessary steps to make them comfortable and they will turn out to be excellent assets for the company. A healthy and positive work environment also creates a healthy society at large because a happy individual will always contribute greatly to the society at large.

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