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How to Create a Product Customers Love

Today, the customer experience has become increasingly important for consumers. This is largely due to the age of technology and the immediate gratification consumers get from using the internet and their mobile devices. Because of this, consumers today have higher expectations for brands to deliver the best customer experience possible. Creating useful, life-altering products can help make customers feel valued and willing to do more business with you. Having products your customers love is key to ensuring they enjoy their experience with your brand.

Thoroughly Research Your Target Customer

If you fully know your audience, then chances are you'll be better able to create a product they'll enjoy and find value in. Therefore, doing thorough research on your target customer can help guide your customer experience strategy. Doing this research will help you determine their pain points, goals, interests and preferred solutions. One way to get information about your target audience is to read reviews on products similar to yours and get a feel for what consumers are saying. How satisfied were they with the product? What issues have they had with the product? What do they believe will make the product better? Asking these questions can help guide your research by allowing you to get a sense of what your potential customers want in a product and how you can deliver that. 

Another way to learn about your potential customers is to gather important data. You can conduct customer surveys with your current customers and ask them how satisfied they've been with your product and what improvements you need to make in order to fully satisfy their needs. This can be helpful because your current customers are likely going to be similar to your potential or future customers in that they'll have some of the same needs and goals.

Make Changes According to What Customers Want

If you've recently launched your product and you've gotten a few people to make a purchase, ask for their feedback in a survey or even through social media. They can tell you what they liked and what they didn't like about the product. From there, you can make certain adjustments, as your product is likely still in its early stages. Some changes can be quite simple, but they could make all the difference.

For example, let's say that your product is accounting software that helps businesses keep track of their books. Maybe your customers told you they don't like the layout because it doesn't showcase all of the software's features. They have to do lots of clicking just to get a sense of what your product offers. By changing the layout and putting each feature all on one page, you can create a more user-friendly experience.

More complicated changes might include adding new features and even redoing the entire layout. But making these necessary changes can be well worth it in the end as they could make people more likely to purchase and use your product for a long period of time.

Other than gaining customer feedback, you can also learn what customers want based on how they use your product. Take a close look at what aspects of your product they're using the most and which ones they're using the least. For example, if lots of your customers utilize the integration feature in your accounting software, then this feature is likely one that you should keep. If most of them don't use another more complicated feature, it might be best to remove it from the platform, which could allow users to focus better on the functionalities they value most in your product.

While making customers feel at home and emphasizing with them is important to delivering a positive customer experience, utilizing data to understand their needs and wants is probably just as important. When creating your product, try not to shy away from data to guide your creation. It could benefit you and your customers in the long run.

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