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How to create an animator video that would skyrocket your business?

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What Is An Animated Explainer Video?

A simplistic approach of using animation to explain brand stories can be termed as an animated explainer video. With the help of this video, businesses are able to connect with their potential customers and increase their profit and visibility. One of the best-animated explainer video production company that is growing popular every day is Kasradesign.

Using Animated Explainer Video For Recruitments

Diverse companies reach out to an animated explainer video production company so that they can give a proper boost to their recruitment strategies. It is the first thing that draws a candidate to a vacant post.

Top 6 Things An Animator Video Can Do For Your Business

The most crucial thing that an animated explainer video production company does for your company is to grab the eye of all the customers. Do you know what else it will do for you? Let us find out the top 6 benefits of an animator video before you decide which is your reason to go to an explainer video company.

1.Pitching The Company’s Sales

If your product is something new, then the main game is to pitch for it. The right pitching for your product will bring both potential investors and buyers. So the best way to ensure that you build a platform which is correct to propose your product with an eye-catching video!

Open the video and make a bold and professional statement for your audience. You can use attention-grabbing slogans and catchphrases too, and make sure to go all the way through with your presentation.

2.Online Marketing Campaigns Through Emails

This is the latest turn that online product campaign has taken and it is such a success! There are so many ways for you to use a promotional video in the mails. There are ways like whenever someone buys a product from your company, and you will get the opportunity to give him the product guidelines through a promotional mail!

Any explainer video company can design such an email to your company. You can also try to pump up the brand name of your company or sale of the product through a number of connected emails.

3.Signatures In Emails

Any of your potential customers might receive so many emails daily on their mailbox. But do you know which one among those are easy to catch their eye? The one which has a short and entertaining video at the signature, with a definition about what your product is

You might want to make certain that you create the video thumbnail. This way, the customer will be enticed to watch! Imagine the number of customers who might be willing to buy your product now!


There are so many opportunities to showcase your product and company that comes with a conference or trade show. You can provide the details of your product through a brief animated video, or you can also choose to run your video on a loop in the background.

Provide some good eye-catching captions to the video. This will give you such an astounding scope to engage in communication with your future buyers and shield them from your competitors!

5.Training the company initiates

There is nothing further important than training the new interns or employees in your company. But, there is hardly anyone who can retain all the verbal information given to him in the first instance. But do you know how someone can retain the information? By a catchy video made by an explainer video company!

So many people around us are video learners, so your trainee will be able to learn more, and with a catchy video which doesn’t dwell on many details, the process will be so easy!

6.Social Media Ads

From simple ads on Facebook or Twitter, the concept of social media advertising has come a long way. The highly reachable social media makes it very easy to display the power of animated video marketing to a large proportion of the population. This is the ideal way for your brand to reach to a potential customer!

You know why? You can customise the audience for targeting specific customers! When you combine such a feature with a well-animated video, voila!

Wrapping up

So, adding a bonus tip so that it is easy for you to grab the attention of your customers, make a silent video. Most people do not like videos with loud music or even sound at all. Let’s get rid of that in the first place. So, which one of these ways do you think will benefit the growth of your company?

So, if you feel that the pointers here are justifying your need and you need to pump the sales of your product, you can look into our wide array of services at Kasradesign. From live-action videos to non-profit video, event videos or healthcare video, we have something for each of your needs.

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