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How to Create Custom Ringtones

Are you bored of the default ringtone? iTunes creates a playlist library and users to can  add their favorite songs in it. You can also use any song from your iTunes playlist as your phone ringtone. Here’s how to create a custom ringtone.

Steps to Create iPhone Ringtones Using iTunes

•    Go to the iTunes application.

•    Press on the Download iTunes option and wait till the iTunes complete its update procedure. You need to start the system again once the update procedure is finished.

•    Choose the music which you wish to add as the phone ringtone and click twice on the ringtone.

•    Play the selected music.

•    Click on the  Song Info option. Ensure that you have chosen the correct music, press on the Edit button given in the top left-hand column of the iTunes and after that, press on the Get info option.

•    Press on the Options button.

•    Go through the “Start” and “Stop” sections. You will get both the sections near the upper side of the screen, and it will open the search bar on the right-hand side of the options. It permits you to choose any time for the start and stop option.

•    You need to adjust the start and stop time of the custom ringtone.

•    Change the music into the AAC version.

•    Open the folder where the AAC file is saved on the system.

•    Ensure that the file extensions are appearing on the screen.

•    You need to convert the file extension to M4R format.

•    You have to copy the file here a ringtone is saved.

•    Connect the iPhone to the system.

•    Press on the title of the iPhone.

•    Now, you have to paste the copied ringtone file into the “Tones” window.

•    Place a checkmark on the “Manually manage music and video” box.

•    Press on the Tones option once again and after that, go through the title of the ringtone.

•    You need to place the music as the phone ringtone.

Steps to Create Android Ringtones Using Audacity

•    You have to start downloading and installing the Audacity.

•    You need to begin the downloading and installing process of LAME.

•    Go to the Audacity application.

•    Press on the File tab.

•    Tap on the Open button.

•    Choose music.

•    Choose the column of the music.

•    Now, you need to save the chosen ringtone on any folder.

•    Click on the copy “Sample.mp3” option.

•    Tap on the Paste Item button.

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