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How to Create Google Slideshows Like a Pro for Your Business

how to create a google slideshow presentation

The first impression is the last impression’, this phrase certainly has its influence in business. The key to winning your clients and investor approval is an impressive presentation. Your idea may be great but it only appears as great as you present it. 

Google provides certain free software of one widely used is google slides. In comparison to PowerPoint, google slides are quite new, existing for only a few years. Despite that, google slides gained popularity quickly. Google slides are absolutely free and don’t require any installation rather just a google account and internet connection. Google slides also support an offline mood. Slide templates make easy designs. There are two kinds of slides by google you available free of cost on several sites, google slides templates and professional google slides templates 

A few techniques can help your presentation transform from basic to pro.  Use these techniques to create a hassle-free, organized, and pro-business presentation. 


It may sound very basic but planning is essential to make your google slide presentation professional and effective. Planning helps you evaluate the goal and purpose of the presentation in-depth and exclude everything irrelevant to your presentation.

Narrowing down the excessive information helps you convey the message clearly and keep the design less crowded.

Choose Best Presentation Templates: 

Whether it is said out loud or not, you are being judged unprofessional on your badly designed slideshow. Apart from ready-made templates, google slides also offer pre-made templates. These templates can be edited and changed as per your preference. Through premium google templates, you can design a unique look adjustable to your presentation.

Visuals Are Important:

Once you have added the text content in the slides, manage to adjust some powerful visuals. Visuals help the audience remember the information and also maintains the interest. Visuals such as high-quality compelling graphic images and photos take your presentation impact to another level. You can add background and embed images in shapes as well. 

Audio and Video Engagements:

Adding audio or video or perhaps both elements can stir some extra interest of the audience in the presentation. The advantage of google slides is that it is fairly easy to add various elements in the presentation without crashing the file because everything is backed in your google drive.  You can also embed videos from YouTube or your GoogleDrive. They will certainly enhance your slides in a professional manner. 

Automatic Play:

One of the common mistakes everyone makes is that the slides are changed manually either by the individual himself or with somebody who helps in which there is no sync. With internet access turn automatic slideshows on and prepare yourself around that timely manner. You can set the timer and choose between two options of repeat/ play in a loop.


If you think something is still dull, you can explore google slides themes for an additional personalized look in the presentation. The themes help you add a soft to the bolder look of your content. Google also has a great variety of fonts which doesn't require prior downloading. Although there are certain fonts deemed more professional than others.

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