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How to create your resume in 5 minutes?

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Looking for ways to create a resume on the very last minute? Don’t worry, we are here to tell you some essential things that you need to write on your resume to get the job. It is not that hard to write all about yourself but when it comes to impressing the interviewers, you need to enhance your skills.

After all, everyone wants to portray their best selves in the interviews. Now, the format of resumes may vary for various people. All those who are experienced have a different way of creating a resume whereas newbies have a whole different approach.


It’s the little things that put you out there for the biggest of opportunities. Either you can reach out to resume writing services or you can write it for yourself. Here are some tips for you to create your resume in just 5 minutes. There is nothing stopping you from getting your dream job now.


Important information

When you are short on time, pay attention to the important information about you. This includes your name, contact number, address, email address, work experience as well as your educational qualification.

Make sure that you fill this out correctly without any errors because these details are the fundamental things for judgement.

When it comes to the education section, information like the name of the institution, degree and the location of your school matters the most. If you are well settled in your career then this section can be written in brief at the bottom of the resume.

However, if you are a fresher or in case if you want to emphasise on your education then mention this section above your work experience. Give a detailed description of your educational years which includes your subjects, percentage obtained along with your skills. Especially those who have freshly graduated should write this section neatly.

Work Experience

Work experience or professional history holds a very important place in your resume. Even before your educational qualifications, interviewers are likely to see this section first. If you have worked for quite a few number of companies then list them in order to create a systematic view for the recruiter.

You can follow a specific format to write about each of your jobs. For instance, start with your company followed by location, job title and your time duration in that company. In addition, write a few of your major responsibilities and also some skills that you have learned throughout the years. 

Keep in mind that you only mention stuff that is relevant to the job that you are applying for. Leave out all the companies where you have worked for a very short span of time as it may prove to be a point against you. If you are writing an executive resume then pay special attention to this section.


Adding skills on your resume that are related to your dream job is a must. Both hard and soft skills should be mentioned to let the recruiter know more about you. Moreover, you have to make the company believe that you have the right personality for the job.

However, add a skills section to your resume only if you have several things to mention. Remember that soft skills are not as important. Nearly everyone writes hard working, honest and optimistic on their resume as their soft skills. See to it that you write something unique which makes you stand out.

Speak of your hard skills that may be useful to the company. For instance, if you know a certain language like Python and you are applying for an IT firm, then do mention it. Technical skills are always a bonus for you so do specify them.

Awards and Volunteer work

Achievements from your university, company or other places is a nice element that you should definitely add to your resume. Again, see to it that it makes some sense and is related to your job. If you write about how you won a singing competition and you are applying for the position of HR, then it will be quite absurd.

Furthermore, talk about your past experiences at the company and share your achievements. For instance, if you worked for a project which increased the sales of the company, then this goes in favour of you. 

Everyone has indulged in some kind of volunteer work. This is a great way to tell the recruiters how you think for the bigger good of society. Your soft skills can be judged by the volunteer work you have done. This will show how you stand up for the things that you really believe in.

Use apps to create the perfect resume

There are numerous applications available for PC as well as mobile phones. You can literally create a resume within 5 minutes with these apps. All such apps have inbuilt formats so you just have to feed the information.

Also, this eliminates the confusion of what sections to add and what to skip.

You can choose from the various formats that are available. When you are running short on time then simply install an application, fill out the information and voila! You are done. You can either take a print out or directly mail it to the interviewer. Make sure to write all the things point to point without any exaggeration. In addition, you can check out a few Linked in profile writing services.

Final Words

These were some of the points that you should remember while creating a resume. Whether it is an executive resume or a beginner one, these tips shall help everyone. 


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