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How to Cure Sleep Disorder Naturally

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Sleeplessness or Insomnia is a part and parcel of the modern life. The day-to-day stress along with the hectic lifestyles are triggers that are capable of keeping us awake for hours together at night.

Many of us have resorted to counting sheep when we are unable to fall asleep. But when you toss and turn through the entire night, then it is a serious issue and cannot be resolved by just that trick. The inability to fall asleep can be the result of a lifetime of poor sleeping habits or can stem because of some serious health issues or some temporary problems.

No matter what the source of your problem is, here are some of the ways to take care of sleeping problems so that you can grab a good night’s sleep at night. Just take a look.

  • Repeat a Mantra – If you constantly chant a positive affirmation or a mantra, it can help you to calm the mind and also focus. These mantras can produce feelings of relaxation and quietens the mind. Research has shown that people who repeat these mantras in English, Sanskrit or any other language can sleep well at night. It should be a positive and simple statement in the present tense. It should be chanted as often as you like. You may choose different mantras for the day and the night. However, if the chanting is causing ill effects in you, then you must refrain from practising it.
  • Have Chamomile Tea – The delicious, simple and effective chamomile tea has been used as an aid for relaxation for centuries. But it is much more than something that is considered as the folk remedy. The reviews claim that this tea acts as a sedative that helps to reduce the anxiety, calm the nerves and ease insomnia. You should try and make a strong brew. Some people also recommend using 2-3 tea bags for achieving a sleep promoting effect.
  • Keep the Temperature Temperate Instead of Tropical – For the beach, an eighty-degree climate can be ideal but for sleeping at night, it is lousy. Remember that as compared with a tropical room, the temperate bedroom is more conducive for sleeping. The experts suggest a temperature of not more than 65-66 degrees Fahrenheit. Striking a balance between the bed covers, the thermostat and your sleeping dress can decrease the core body temperature and will assist you to drift off to sleep more deeply and faster.
  • Stick to a Healthy Diet – What you eat and don’t eat, can have a great impact on how well you will sleep. You should limit the intake of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. This can have an adverse effect on your sleep leading to restlessness and insomnia. Apart from the beverages, you should also be aware of the hidden sources of caffeine like cold and cough medicines, chocolate and the other over-the-counter products. You should also cut back on the sugar and have foods that are rich in vitamin B6 which is found in sunflower seeds, wheat germ and bananas which help in the conversions of Tryptophan. You should also have more foods that are rich in magnesium like the dark leafy greens, seeds and legumes, wheat bran, brewers’ yeast, cashews and whole grains and so on.
  • Use Lavender Oil – The lavender oil is used for improving the mood, reducing the pain and promoting sleep. If you take that orally it is said to be more useful. A reduced level of anxiety is also reported that is bound to induce peaceful sleep. The lavender oil has also improved sleep patterns in people who have depression. You can take about 20-80 mgs of lavender oil each day orally that will allow you to sleep better. You can also use lavender oil in a diffuser or spray it onto the pillow. The lavender tea is an option as well. The lavender oil is usually safe to use and taking this oil orally can lead to constipation, headache and nausea.
  • Go for Regular Physical Exercise – Th physical exercise is absolutely necessary for a great body and mind and it can also help with Insomnia. Your diurnal rhythm is often regulated by the physical exercise coupled with the natural light. Studies have shown that physical exercise can be as impactful for insomnia as the sleeping pills. Therefore, work out to sleep well at night.

Apart from the above you should also seek snoring remedies if you are a snorer so that you can sleep well at night. Try the above and if they don’t work you must consult with a reputed sleep dentist without delay. This way you can detect the real problem and ensure a good night’s sleep without any problem.

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