How to Deal with Delay Claims Due to Severe Weather?


The United Arab Emirates is one of those countries that do not face extreme winter weather. Due to this, the construction industry often works smoothly in winters, and more projects are completed during that time. Contrarily, the summer season is a bit long and extreme in UAE, which negatively impacts the working conditions in the construction industry.

The severe weather conditions do not just stop at high temperatures, but humidity also rises in the atmosphere. In addition to it, typhoons and tornados also emerge from time to time, which affects the construction industry. The workers and authorities are always not well prepared to deal with such challenges and often get tangled in construction delays and claims due to poor weather.

This article will provide a brief guideline to deal with delay claims in construction projects due to severe weather conditions.

Top 5 Ways to Handle Unusual Weather-Related Delay Claims

Weather is one of the most important factors that can promise a construction project's progress or ruin it altogether. The environmental changes are leaving a drastic impact on the weather conditions of certain countries in the world. Sometimes there are draughts, and at other times there are floods. It is crucial to deal with such issues to save construction projects.

The following are some important ways to handle delay claims caused by unusual weather conditions.

1). Define Clauses of Time and Compensation

Weather is the factor that is not in the control of human beings. Although their activities affect it, it is not something they can fix in a day or month. Therefore, before starting the construction project, all the involved parties need to talk about weather issues.

The construction parties need to define the clauses of time and compensation for the issues and delays caused in the project due to poor weather conditions. Such matters cause legal issues later; therefore, most of the parties acquire the help of construction claims consultants in UAE from the get-go to resolve the issues as soon as they arise.

2). Prove Delays Were Due to Unforeseen Weather

One of the most crucial ways of dealing with delay claims caused due to severe weather conditions is to prove that delay was really caused due to them. When a delay occurs in the construction project, the parries can come up with numerous reasons.

The parties can be short on time and budget. So, to save their time and resources, they can blame you for not following the progress. They can say that you are just blaming the weather, so you need to prove your point and should keep evidence to support it.

3). Provide Evidence of Geographic Limitation of Weather

Another important point to consider in dealing with delay claims due to unforeseen weather conditions is to provide evidence that the parties were prepared to deal with unforeseen conditions. However, the geographic limitation left them at the mercy of the situation.

Severe weather conditions can occur and ruin the construction site within a few minutes. Most of the time, the conditions are predictable; however, the construction parties should not be blamed for it when they are not.

4). Prove the Impact of Delay on Schedule

Another important way of resolving delay claims caused by the poor weather conditions is to prove the impact of delay on schedule. The involved parties may fail to acknowledge the delay caused on site.

They can fail to understand the situation's complexity and share their opinion by just considering the apparent reasons. In such a situation, the contractors need to prove the impact of delay on the schedule and ask for a time extension to make the project risk free.

5). Gather Support of Experts

One of the most important ways of dealing with the delays caused by the unforeseen weather conditions is to gather the experts' support. It means that you should involve the experts in your project from the starting point.

The experts will overlook the progress of the project and lend support at any needed time in the light of their gathered evidence. You can hire the service of a construction claims consultant and ensure the steady progress of your project without indulging in delay claims.

Rely on experts to resolve weather-related delays!

Weather is the matter which is not in the control of human beings. Even if the construction parties suppose all the worse conditions and come up with their resolution points, they are bound to have few disagreements in the actual situation.

So, if you fear the same, there is no point in denying the reality and wasting time in claim issues. You should get professional help and start working on your project smoothly while letting the experts deal with all the arising issues on their own.