How to Deal With Your Deceased’s Real Estate Property?


If your loved one dies after and the property is left to heirs, then it is obvious that you may have to approach a local court to complete the probate process. This would be the common procedure if the property belonged to your father.

Even if your father has left behind a free will of possession or not, this process has to be performed. To get started, you can try and appoint a real estate executor to handle the deal. If you are unaware of the process of handling deceased property then you can also search online for deceased estates in Melbourne.

There are certain administrative requirements that have to be fulfilled by you regarding the property. Some of these important duties may include:-

  • You should be the person who is responsible for taking care and possession of your father’s property as per his will.
  • In case there is no will left behind, then it is obvious that all administrative requirements are to be fulfilled in the court of law, as per regulations.
  • In case the real estate is facing certain disputes, then it is obvious that it may also take a few years to deal with these disputes.

Obtaining Valid Certification

One of the most important tasks is to try and obtain a copy of the valid certification of death. This can be obtained by approaching the local mortuary, and this document has to be submitted in the court of law.

The next step is that you have to obtain a certified and attested copy of the father’s will. It is important to take possession of the original copy for the court of law.


Probate Application

The next very step to undergo the legal process is to obtain an application for making the probate. This has to be obtained from the legal court of law. Today with the availability of online resources, it is possible to look around for this application online as well. 

You can also try and obtain the application by approaching the court clerk. Once the application has been obtained, then you have to fill in all details and then sign it and then make the submission in the probate court of law.

Make Submissions of All Documents

It is important that all documents, along with the copy of fathers will and death certificate have to be submitted to the court of law. This has to be done along with the application form. In general, most probate courts are demanding small amount of submission fee that is necessary for completing the entire process in the court of law.

Once everything has been submitted, then you have to wait for the probate process to be completed.

Be Present at Each Hearing

In the court of law it is also important for you to be present for each hearing. Even if you have hired an executor still you need to be present. This is important for the judge to carry out the verification process as mentioned in the will.

In case you are the named executor, then there may not be any need to be present in the probate court during hearing. Everything can be well taken care of by your legal lawyer.

Obtain Tax Clearance Details

If you are planning to sell or rent out the property, then it is important for you to obtain a tax clearance certificate from the local tax authorities. If any issues have to be settled from the local financial authorities than that has to be done before planning to sell or rent the property.

You can hire a professional tax consultant to help you complete this process with the local authorities. Once everything is in order, then you can now plan to sell it or rent it.

Hiring Cleaning Agents

To claim for genuine price, it is important that the property has to be in a well-maintained condition. You can try and hire professional home cleaning services. They will take care of everything that is in the home to ensure that it is safe for selling or renting.

A professional deceased estate agent will take care of everything on your behalf.