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The households in Australia use decorations for dining tables and dining rooms from one season to another. To provide a new seasonal appearance or look to the dining table and make it a centrepiece of attraction or set the dining table for any specific meal or special occasion, table runners are considered the most crucial table linens in Australia. It is a lengthy piece of cloth, used for decoration and some other purposes. It is placed either on an empty table or top of the tablecloth.

They are the perfect table decorations and are available in a wide range of different fabrics, sizes, and colours that suit every person's style very well. The various sizes available in a table runner make it easy to fit a small dining table, a long rectangular dining table, or even a coffee table.

There will be a long list of choices and options available while buying runners. Creating a fresh, alluring table decoration is an essential factor. It is mainly about expressing one's innovation and design to work ideally with the furniture and design perceptivity. Some of the useful techniques to decorate the dining tables using table runners are as follows.

1.   Lengthwise placement

They are laid down lengthwise in the table's centre while some portion is left hanging down by the edges. When shopping for these table decorations, it is essential to know the length of the dining table so that the buyer can find a perfect one that leaves about 6-12 inches of decoration cloth hanging by the edges. There are many options to choose the pattern that matches and suits the dining table, table linens, and home décor in general.

A runner can be placed lengthwise in the centre of a dining table, covering over one-third of the table. In this way, it serves as a median line of the table. It is where the serving dishes are put down or placed. One can try different looks with them; for example, in a long rectangular dining table, one can place coordinating centrepieces between the runners.

2.   Width wise placement

When it comes to short runners' arrangement, it is best to place them width-wise over the table. Each runner has to be placed against the seating position for each diner. In the case of a long dining table, laying short table runners along the width acts as the divider for every restaurant. When making use of this table setting, one can skip laying table mats altogether. The runners mark the significant base setting on which dinnerware is placed.

3.   Short table runners

Long runners are generally utilized for a formal setting. One can use short runners for a casual table setting. A short table runner will have a similar impact as a longer one, but it makes the dining table look more attractive. Always choose to buy a short runner that is smaller than the length of the dining table. If a person wants to place candles as centrepieces, place short runners in the centre. It is an excellent technique because it can keep the wax away from the table.

4.   Tablecloth

Another appealing way to decorate the table is to use both tablecloth and table runner, and other decorations. It is crucial to choose a runner whose design or colour contrasts the tablecloth to stand out. Also, one has to ensure that the tablecloth and runner's overall length must be properly aligned so that the overhanging looks equal.







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