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How to decorate a garden in your apartment?

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Maintaining and decorating the garden is a healthy task for the mind. People living in their own houses or apartments prefer to maintain their spaces according to their choice and their budget. With the rise in air pollution and the air quality index at alarming rates, the majority of the families now prefer a luxurious garden in their apartments. The reason being that they want fresh air to be circulated inside their house. Well, who does not want to breathe in the fresh air? This can only be done by maintaining your luxury garden apartments

What are luxury garden apartments?

Luxury garden apartments provide simple and clean living with a luxurious garden spread over an ample amount of space. The apartments are equipped with all kinds of facilities and the balcony garden is the space that provides a peaceful, calm and quiet time with friends and family. 

Having an eco-friendly garden is what the majority of residents prefer these days. There are so many new things and DIYs that people are learning through the internet and YouTube – all thanks to the digital media of keeping people occupied even during the lockdown. They have developed a new hobby of maintaining their luxury garden apartments just the right way. 

Top tips to decorate the garden in your apartment

Apart from the valuable research that you held during the lockdown, here are some tips and tricks for the new learners on how to decorate their garden if they are living in an apartment. It can be difficult to maintain your garden all by yourself but you can simply learn a few DIYs to deck up your small, little space keeping the following tips in mind: 

Use organic material

While decorating your luxury garden apartment, you need to keep in mind that you do not have to use any kind of plastic or any such material that could cause fire easily— this is the thumb rule. Also, if you are a nature lover, you should avoid decorating your garden with plastic made material; Use organic materials to deck up your garden. These gardening materials and pros that are organic are easily available in the markets and as well as online. Make use of organic material like palm leaves, straw, jute and cotton or something that wouldn’t rot easily with a change in weather. 

Make use of upholstery that you do not use anymore

Upcycling or recycling of products at home can make up for a great DIY for your apartment’s garden area. Use upholstery fabrics that are no longer in use. Try to create some cute little DIY items that you can use to decorate your garden in the most creative and aesthetic manner. Take help from the internet or watch some YouTube videos on how to make cute stuff using old upholstery. 

Refurbish and recycle products 
This method is the best use of old products like water bottles and other glass bottles that are no longer in use. If you are a nature lover, then you would certainly use and recycle your old water bottles or other glass bottles that are no longer in use. Paint them in different colours and textures. Use them to make a small vase for bonsai plants that can help you decorate your garden by hanging it on the walls. 

However, with Lafayette Gardens Apartments you can own your luxury garden apartments that are fully equipped with all sorts of amenities. This luxurious gated community gives you the best of all facilities with a nature-friendly and green neighbourhood.

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