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How to Decorate Your Home Gym.

The popularity of home gyms has soared. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, sporting and gym facilities were forced to close as the world went into lockdown- much to the dismay of fitness fanatics and sporting athletes across the globe. In addition to the ongoing pandemic, the increase in gym membership fees, general overcrowding of gyms and the general hectic schedule of people's lives makes going to the gym all the more impractical. However, the undeniable health benefits- both physical and mental, make it hard for fitness-lovers to simply pack in their habits, with more and more turning to a home gym in which they can work out leisurely and in peace. A well-designed home gym can give you all the motivation you need to hit your fitness goals and even exceed them. Whether you’ve converted a spare bedroom, garage or basement into your home gym- here at We Buy Any Home have compiled our top design ideas and inspiration to help you design the home gym of your dreams.

Elevated Colour Scheme:

If you want your home gym to ooze elegance and sophistication, then you need to elevate your colour scheme. Having a consistent colour theme in your home gym, that spreads across from wall colour to equipment colour makes the room feel elevated and chic without having to compromise the functional element of the room.


Mirrors are a must in any home gym. Not only do they aid in transforming a dark and claustrophobic space into a suitable space for working out, but they also reflect the light which helps transform the room into an airy and light space- which is better for your state of mind while you exercise. Floor to ceiling mirrors are popular, as they allow a better view for you to check your form as you work out.


Storage in any home gym is essential. The last thing you want to do is trip over your own equipment while you move around the gym- as this could be dangerous. Investing in a modern dresser or statement storage unit that sits nicely near a window is a great and stylish way to store equipment, a first aid kit and some towels nearby.

Design a Mural:

If you have an empty wall that looks a little uninviting or bland, why not make it come alive with a mural? Creating a vibrant and colourful pieces of artwork will enable you to feel inspired and inviting- and will also encourage and motivate you to work out.

Add Greenery:

Contradicting our last point- but varying to an individual's preference is adding greenery to your room. If your workout consists of more peaceful and breathing orientated exercises- such as meditation or yoga, then maybe adding plants is a calming addition to your home workout area and will set the right mood to work on your restorative mat routines.

Fit Friendly Floor:

You should definitely think about investing in a work surface that is shock absorbent and kind to your joints in the case of an injury. A fit friendly floor, such as EVA foam, artificial turf or even carpet is beneficial in the case of injury- and if you were to drop a heavy weight or piece of equipment, there would be less damage to the floor.


Lighting is crucial in any home gym, as you're going to be critiquing and observing your body a whole lot- and lighting can dramatically impact that. Overhead lighting is good for general lighting, but in terms of workout lighting, try investing in standing floor lamps that have a built-in dimmer. These can be controlled by you and set the mood for workouts- for example, bright lighting for high-energy workouts and low lighting for yoga or meditation.


Unless you want to torture yourself with a silent workout, then adding a speaker to your home gym is vital. Depending on what type of speaker you wish to have, you can get them installed in the ceiling or free-standing ones that can be moved around if you wish to change the layout of your gym. Listening to your favourite music while working out is a great way to release endorphins and feel motivated to get that workout started and you feeling motivated to continue.

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