How to Demand Compensation After a Multi-Car Crash in Joplin


Over 13000 families reside in Joplin, and over 90% are above the poverty line. Each Joplin family owns at least one automobile and has at least one registered driver. Joplin follows a pure comparative negligence policy for automobile accidents. 


The traffic laws relevant to Joplin state that it is the duty of the person handling the steering wheel to ensure the safety of others in the vehicle and other passengers and pedestrians on the road. 


A Joplin car accident lawyer can help you claim damages if you are the victim of a multi-car crash. The damages that result from a collision or other auto accident are split among all parties involved in the accident. 


What is a Multi-Car Crash Claim?


Multi-car crashes are accidents that involve more than two vehicles. These accidents may result from bad weather conditions, poorly maintained roads, faulty traffic signals, or irresponsible driving behavior of one or more drivers involved. 


One or all vehicles involved in the crash may have sustained considerable wear, tear, and other damages. Multi-car crashes are also more dangerous from a personal injury perspective. The accident's impact could be heightened by the fact that there were more than two vehicles involved.


Settlement of Multi-Car Crash Claims


Settlement of multi-car crash claims is more complicated than the settlement of typical car accident claims. Since Joplin follows a pure comparative negligence approach, the jury will study the degree of responsibility of all parties involved in the accident for claim settlement purposes. Once the "at-fault" percentage of each party involved is established, the court will instruct the parties to share responsibility appropriately.


Determination of Comparative Negligence


Suppose the jury establishes that you are 10% at fault for the accident and other drivers are 90% at fault collectively, you can claim 90% compensation from the other drivers' insurance companies. 


The legal policies apply to both personal injuries and property damages. You are eligible for damages in Joplin even if you are more than 50% at fault for the accident. Even victims who are 98% at fault can claim 2% damages. The comparative negligence of all parties involved is established. 


Your Joplin car accident lawyer can help prove in court that there was little or no negligence on your side. Negligence refers to situations where one or more drivers involved in the accident display irresponsible driving behavior or breach the implicit agreement to maintain the safety of other passengers and pedestrians on the road.


Critical Study of Evidence Relating to the Case


The computation of responsibility and compensation can be challenging in some multi-car crash cases. The jury will pay close attention to evidence like photographs, witness statements, CCTV footage or images, or information from speed tracking mechanisms in place to compute the fault percentage of each party.
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Multi-car crashes typically result in multiple compensation claims. Some multi-car crashes may also involve complex situations like multi-car pileups. The court will consider the facts of the case to determine the fault percentage of the parties involved.


Work with a Lawyer


Multi-car crash accident claims should be handled by expert lawyers specializing in Joplin car accident cases. Your written submissions and evidence play a vital role in deciding your eligibility for compensation in multi-car crashes.