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How to Design a Custom Air Freshener? User-friendly Web and Mobile Applications

Many of us are art lovers, we love something when we make it our own. The Art that reflects our mood, lifestyle, loveable ones, and passion allows us to articulate.


One love to portray metaphor what best suits him that matches his aura, to the canvas! Indulge yourself in the transformation of your creativity into beautiful artwork. Customized car air fresheners for personalized, businesses, schools, parties, etc enable you to unleash your creativity. 


 Imagine how good looking an art will be if you can customize your logo, Massage, colors, that best represents your brand. Hence we asked our design team to develop a platform that gives our customers full audacity to customize. 

 My Air Freshener provides the best and easiest platform for you to create your art in your way.


 How many of us search and search until we find a perfect tool for your pick? Making an Air freshener art echo all the design aspects exquisitely. 


 Why should our Air fresheners be unique? After all, we spend a great deal of time in our vehicles, whether we are stuck in the traffic, go shopping, or your daily commute to work, and all these occasions one desperately looks for something staggering that make us happy on the roads. Only an Air freshener with a pleasant smell and great looking design can make this happen. 


 Unleash your creativity with Custom Design Center 


With over 20 years of experience in the Air Freshener Industry, My Air Freshener dominating the market of Custom Car Air Fresheners design making in the USA. People love those designs, asking them to make it more. Thus the dream of building a unique platform came into existence after a bunch of art lovers sees people dreadfully look for custom design, end up with regular boring air fresheners that don’t have anything new to offer and quench the rising demands.


User-Friendly App experience


You don’t want to be a tech expert to start designing your Air Fresheners in our Design Center. The cool design enables ones to understand easy steps to follow and finish the order in minutes, both the web and Mobile applications are configured accordingly, you may choose Android or iOS App depending on your smartphone operating systems (OS). 


 Choice of Fragrance


 When a cool car air freshener mixed with sweet fragrances, it absolutely pleases the passengers inside the car, for the same reason the company started with the rich and soothing fragrance like vanilla. After that, customers demanded their favorite home scents like candles, fruits, and fresh-baked desserts. Again there came wonderful scents of Apple Orchard with its delicious fragrance of Macintosh apples. Next, came one of their ever-trendy scents, Cologne, that smelled rather similar a Black Ice-type air freshener. Leather, Orange, Coconut followed the pattern. 


You can design your custom designed air freshener by selecting from more than 20 different fragrances. Whether you favor soft floral notes or spicy woody scents, there is everything to please.


 Custom Shape


 Standard shapes are usually Rectangle, Square, and circle. But people always search for distinctiveness. The youths sometimes wanted to create it with heart or rounded diamond and we have that as well, there are nearly 20-25 shapes available for your customizations. 

Customers can also order special die with these custom shapes chosen. Thus a variety of shapes gives you an option to stand out from the crowd when you hit the roads.


 Background Design


 Forget about a dull and boring photo that you have to see every day in an ordinary Car Air Freshener. With the help of our quality-driven abstract, Frills, and Graffiti backgrounds, you can create an astonishing display that gives the message at par attention. Start designing using plenty of background options including designs from well-known contemporary artists.

 Here when you choose the background you have two options, either use the same front image for the backside or try with a different image. You can also choose artwork to portray nature and seasons among others.  


 Personalized Art & Message


 At the core of the active imagination and artistic mind gives someone the immense ability to customize their artwork or photograph in the design center and upload. Add a motivating quote or a ‘thank you’ message to make it truly oneself. These customized fresheners can turn into sensible gifts for loved ones, particularly if they have just bought a new car.



Some clever recommendations on personalized air fresheners give out: 


 • Create a custom air freshener with a photo of your mom and dad and give it to them on special events like an anniversary or birthday. They will love the gift!


 • Design personalized air fresheners with an exquisite picture of your wife and give one to all the people who know and love her making sure to keep one for yourself. What better way to show your partner you appreciate them every single day that add up.


 • If you have a forthcoming party, festivity, or get-together coming up, why not create a collection of some of the best photos of the folks participated and make a memorable photo air freshener for each one. Place a bulk order because people want to see more. Make the event terrific!!


 • Design an Air freshener with the photo of your loved ones and hang it in your car, office, gym, or any place you visit frequently or where you hang out more. It keeps those you love close to your heart.

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