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How to Design a Great Website to Boost Your Real Estate Business

With the advent of technology in this present age, it is pertinent that most businesses have a robust online presence as technology is the primary tool for businesses in recent times.

A business in the Real estate shouldn’t be left behind in technological advancements as one of the principal means to protect your business is to have a great and attractive website that is worthy of notice to visitors and passersby. In selling properties, you’ll encounter clients who have no spare time to go from office to office to consult Real Estate agents. They rely on the internet to guide them to the best of the best. How, then, can your business be shortlisted if you don't even have an online presence?

Having established the essence of having an excellent website for your real estate business, the next line of action is for you to get a website. Virtually everyone knows one website developer and designer or the other. They have stormed the IT market well enough to know that they're there. However, not many know that they can take charge of building a great website for your business in real estate. No doubt, web builders make the job easier for you and even offer advisory services on how your website should be. On the contrary, designing your website allows you to convey messages hidden deep in your imaginations to your prospective clients and customers. For you alone can truly express how your business wants to be represented on the net.

Below are four excellent website design tools for your real estate business:

  1.       Squarespace

Squarespace is a website building tool that can help you bring your creative ideas to life. Through the availability of design templates that can help you customize your desired website. With the tools in your hands, you are provided with the motive to be more creative than you were earlier.

It accommodates both business starters and established as it has an all-in-one platform that gives you everything you need to run your business including a powerful marketing tool

  1.       Wix

One exciting feature of Wix is its cloud-based development, which houses millions of people and providing them with the tools required to create a beautiful and professional web presence. Their products include website builder, premium plans, Wix SEO, App market, domains, Logo maker, starting a blog, among other things.

  1.       Weebly

Weebly is another website builder that can go a long way in building that desired website for your real estate agency business. It has an all-in-one powerful eCommerce tool that can help you to simplify order management, shipping and payments. It also helps you with marketing tools such as Facebook ads and automated email campaigns.

  1.       Placester

Placester is a website builder that allows you to stand out with a stunning real estate website. The web builder creates up-to-date, responsive and beautiful websites for Real Estate Professionals. If you want to have your brokers separate from the agents, Placester will get it placed for it. It is well packed with features to help you gain new and valuable clients such as IDX integration (Internet Data Exchange), Lead capture forms, content library, and beautiful themes as well.

There isn’t any loss on your end when you use Placester.

Things to Consider When Building your Website

  1.       Functionality

Aesthetics and a well-organized layout are both fundamental elements of your website. But so is the accessibility of information on your website. Not everyone has the luxury of time to be surf through the A-Z of your website. So, you have to place the necessary pieces of information in areas where they can be easily accessible and easy to understand. This should be done in not more than 3-4 clicks. Anything more than that is probably a waste of time. Don’t let your visitors go through frustrating navigation, else they don’t convert, and they move to more accessible websites. Contents of your page should be straight to the point, attention-grabbing, and concise.

  1.       Page Responsiveness

The website should also be responsive, i.e. it should be easily operated on all forms of electronic gadgets ranging from laptops to mobile phones. The website should be able to work on all website browsers, e.g. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, UC Browser. The load time should fast too. Your load time should be one that has a good score of about 70 or higher, which should be able to load in not more than 5 seconds.

  1.       Check for mistakes

Just as book writers give other people their book to proofread, to check for possible errors and other hiccups in their books, do the same for the brand’s website such as your landing page, spelling errors, page responsiveness, load time and usability. is a perfect website to do that.

  1.       Renovate from time to time

It’s great to have a good website. But there’s a thin line between being relevant and staying relevant. From time to time, you should check out your website to see if it needs changes to be applied. This you can do with professional help. With experts who specialize in creating outstanding real estate agent website design, you can be sure your business website is up to date. You would know if it’s losing its content quality, not up to date with the recent trend, or maybe you need to offer new services and new aesthetic touches and re-organization.

  1.       Utilize Professional and Quality Images and Videos

Images have a way of capturing the human mind such that the brain efficiently retains it better than text. Concerning Real Estate, photos will do more talking than words. Visitors want to see the works you’ve done, and testimonials from past clients will serve as a boost to your agency. There should be a section on your landing page that takes them to your gallery. The pictures should be bold and attractive. But be careful with the image size as it slows down web pages, and try not to allow it to affect the quality. Bad picture quality is terrible for business.

  1.       Have a Good Broker Information

Creating a stunning website is great, but wouldn’t it be more significant to see the faces of whom it belongs? Your website is a means to advertise your services without giving you and your clients much stress. However, getting in touch with you or having a good customer service gets you extra points like when they want to get some pieces of information immediately. There should be a quick response to such inquiries. There should be a section for that on your website that can do that. Something like a chat section. And if they can’t get enough. You can schedule a meeting.

Other things to consider are:

  •         Maps – Your location should be an easy one to get, with the aid of nearby landmarks both physically and with google maps.
  •         Certification and authorizations
  •         Describe your properties well


How would you love your website to be? Mobile friendly on your laptop, tablet, and phone. With features containing stunning landing pages and user-friendly layouts. With a well-built content and the just the right organization of layouts and selection of colors, you are sure to grab the attention of your customers. You’ll need to create a right landing page to create a proper first impression that will make clients want to inquire more about your services.

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan is HR and Content Editor at Techssocial. He has written and share many good and informative articles on various websites and niche like technology, web design, graphic design, marketing, business, social media, search engine optimization, etc. He loves to share knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.
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