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How to design your own custom boxes and packaging?


Have you ever imagined of creating your own custom boxes for packaging? They are fun! Apart from that, creating your packaging need not be scary at all. It is very easy in fact. You just need to know to design the custom boxes. They are affordable and would not cost much too. But the packaging boxes do not only include the logo or brand colors it is much more. It is a story itself and it creates the overall aesthetic for the brand.

When you meet any kind of folding box manufacturers, they will tell you that they have a lot of pleasure while creating the packaging. They would say that they are delivering the brand’s message and through this, they create the whole hype about the packaging. Apart from all of this, you need to be well aware of the technical things involved in the designing of your custom boxes and packaging.

Here is a guide about how to design your own custom boxes and packaging and why it is awesome to design your own stuff.

What to keep in mind while you are doing custom packaging?

Picture everything you want to do with the boxes. The cute designing, the printing, and everything. It is important to store and present every detail you have in your mind. Hence, you should keep a few other things in mind like the product size, the presentation value, functionality, cost, etc. Just because your budget is lower, do not settle for smaller things. Keep your quality as the top priority and you will surely find great stuff to design your own custom boxes. It is always important to strike a proper balance between the budget and also the overall presentation of the boxes.

What are the different kinds of packaging you can custom make?

1.      Boxes

These are the mailer boxes or the subscription boxes on the promotional influencer mailings or the retailer packaging. They are made of corrugated cardboard and they can survive the shipping shocks. They can arrive or be delivered in style.

The shipping boxes that are made of the regular slotted carton are the basic types of boxes. They use the B or C flute type of corrugated cardboard and they are good for shipping the heavy items. They are good to carry food, books, and large electronics. It is very affordable and the design on this box can be simple and completely reduces the waste.

Folding boxes or cartons

There are many folding box manufacturers and they recognized everywhere they are taken too. They are made of paperboard and them a bit costlier than the regular cardboard boxes. They take almost no time to assemble and they are very great for packing beauty products, luxury goods or tea.

Two-piece rigid boxes: These are mainly used for packaging luxury goods like the watches, perfumes, alcohol, etc. they are made of chipboard and is very strong than the paper board material. They are great for packaging things like smartphones or super intimate stuff like cosmetics or candles.

2.      Inserts

After the different kinds of boxes, if your product needs any kind of extra protection, then the inserts help. They bring in the stability and also enhance the presentation of the product and keeps it int eh center when open the box. The inserts are generally the foam ones where they are lightweight and durable and provide good cushioning to the product. If you are looking for custom printing then you should take the corrugated inserts as they are also cost-effective too.

3. Poly mailers

These are the lightweight plastic bags that are weatherproof and they help in keeping the shipping costs down. They can also be reused and are great when you want to ship clothing. The only drawback s they are not durable at all.

4.  Accessories

While custom packing, you can include different accessories to package the product. Fancy tape to seal the product for safe transit is a good decision. Make sure you are using the waterproof kraft tape that doesn’t stick on its own but needs to be activated with the use of water. They are expensive but they are worth it. Custom tissue paper or the crinkle filler can also be used to provide an aesthetic presentation.

5.  Choosing the right material, typography, and printing

Choosing the right material for the product can enhance your custom packaging presentation and also increases to be durable. You can use Paperboard, corrugated board, etc. You should also decide if the artwork you want on your boxes should be 2D or 3D. Follow the industry standard typography, text and lien art and you shall be fine.


Thus, when you are designing your own custom packaging and boxes you just need to follow the steps. Choose your box style, the packaging, the right material, follow the standard production process, artwork, prepress and tool, printing, packaging finishes and you are done!

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