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Creating an app? Get your hands-on mobile development apps by DXB apps. If you’re wondering how to make a social media app like Instagram so that it can attract a large number of audiences, you really need to check this post out.  In this article, DXB apps is providing you with a high-quality app using mobile app development dubai. We will provide you with step by step guide on how to make your app stand out in the crowd and is also extremely engaging so that you can gain followers and create your brand image online.

In Mobile app development dubai apps like Instagram are categorized into social media application that enables users to freely produce and consume content that is required by their clients. It is basically a mixture of text, sounds, videos, and images at the same time. Be it day or night Instagrammers are always available to explore because social media has evolved into a direct consumer space where people are used to presenting and receiving content.

Easier said than done obviously, but due to technology increasing at a non-stop pace. Users do not want to turn back to laptops and waste their time. All they have to do is unlock their phones that also with the help of mobile app development dubai features such as face detection and other features, open up Instagram, and post about their daily 0life on which some of are actually getting paid.

Key functional characteristics to focus on

When you decide to make an app like Instagram, it’s better to carry out your research to take a deeper look at your competition and then these findings will become guidelines for your products. So, it is highly recommended that before stepping into the market do your homework!
Take baby steps towards your app keeping these features in mind:

Editing profile

This is the most important feature to keep. Our consumer nowadays is so diverse that they do not really let anything fit into their frame. For this, you need to keep the editing feature so that the hidden creative artist can come out and people will be attracted
towards using your app.


This feature enables people to follow uptrend and the content of content producers. The feature of subscribing leads to them receiving constant updates from the content creator also when people subscribe to them this helps in their engagement which brings the content creator on top of the list of all other people in the same category of content that they produce.

Paid partnership tool

Every person on this planet has a different talent and as it is said that if you’ve something o give never do it for free. Just like that content creators and editors put in a lot of effort to produce high-quality content that serves 2 purpose functions firstly entertainment to the consumer and secondly, satisfy their needs.


This also plays a huge part in making an app successful. During this time period what everyone wants is easy two-way communication. That benefits both the sender and receiver. Also messaging enables people to communicate to different content creators and get a better understanding of them
24-Hour slot stories

This feature has literally changed the whole game of social media platforms. In our audience, there are a few people that would like to keep their lives extremely low-key but also want to stay connected. For people like them, 24-hour stories are a blessing because that content automatically disappears after 24 hours
Adding posts, descriptions, and geolocation.
Human ideology is very different and unique in its own way and since the world has turned into a global village it somehow seems necessary to stay connected and up to date by everyone so provides features such as adding descriptions to pictures as well as the location so that the next time you want to visit that place you definitely know where it is.

How to get your app monetized

Take advantage of the features that your app has to offer here you are not only representing your social or personal identity but you can also represent your business and be the own owner, thus businesses should take full advantage of this platform you can follow the following steps

  • Link to the homepage to particular profiles

  • Use targeted ads using cookies to a targeted audience to reach mass audiences

  • Ask people to increase engagement by using hashtags

  • Keep an eye on your competitor.


Advertising is a key player in helping your business reach the sky. Without the right method of advertising being used your business/ product can be nothing but just a post. This implies that you should tag third parties parity product or their brands. To increase your engagement and can earn from it.
How to keep making the mobile app development dubai pocket friendly

Load balancing

This is a huge benefit at backend solutions

Pick a proper balancer, you can generate revenues by gathering traffic, and by distributing it equally by capacity optimization which will eventually lead to reduced cost. An app like Instagram through mobile app development dubai is a 24/7 service provider so, keeping everything on track balance should be maintained.

Create a cross-platform mobile development app:

Using such kinds of apps is often less preferred because the range of features is then restricted and also it depends upon what are you aiming for such apps e.g. the software usage limitation after some time.

The more features the more cost

It is pretty evident that when you want to add more features into the app the cost will eventually go up however it is preferred to use the MVP approach which is the minimum viable approach to test your prototype at first so you know what is the right audience for your app.


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