How to develop and grow a School website for managing online education


Nowadays, E-learning has become one of the most promising markets in the field of web and software development. As per a 2019 report of Global Market Insights, the E-learning platforms will develop to the US $300 B by 2025. 

The schools have decided to build school websites as they are facing the necessity to educate the schools remotely. The schools deal with a massive amount of data, which needs to be managed and stored on one side and easily reached by many individuals on the other. 

Data backup, security, and remote access offered by the school websites make the learning process more cost-effective. It offers integrated learning modules to students and teachers and helps reduce the training expenses. Hence, today the question ‘How to develop and grow School website for managing online education’ is raised almost in every large organization. 

So, let’s start with our article that will tell you how to develop and grow a school website for managing online education. 

Benefits of building a school website 

  • Schools get the chance to attract an unlimited number of students by offering them remote E-Learning opportunities. 

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  • No other educational tool, in place of a school website, can offer the same flexibility as you only need an internet connection to access it. 

  • Another advantage of building a school website is reduced costs. The idea to invest once and create a school website is well-liked by students and their parents. 

  • A school website will eventually change the documentation process –all the information on student’s data, training programs, and courses is safely stored and centralized in an online database. 

  • Big school organizations already know how to develop and grow a school website that will be easy to explore, informative, and user-friendly. Together with that – it also proves to be a great medium to provide great networking opportunities – students can communicate with their friends across different cities, states, and even nations. 

Features that every school website should have 

Opposed to several bonuses that school websites can offer, the key challenge faced by all the big players is the retention rate, which is not very high. 

  • Triggers and reminders 

In other words, I mean marketing. In addition to the standard advertising toolset, you need to use triggers. In most cases, ads and push-notifications on social media platforms are irritating, but it brings positive results if you do it at the right time and place. 

  • Ease of use 

You need content that the students will catch on to within a matter of time and will use it right away. 

How to develop School website for managing online education? 

  • Idea 

The school websites are meant to give students exact answers to their questions. The main asset of the school website is high applicability –its students get the list of necessary actions to take when asking a specific question. Having this experience, they avoid common errors of other students. 

  • Research and Strategy 

There should be well research before you start developing your school website. The strategy should be to roll out courses and syllabus by introducing it both online and offline. 

  • Prototyping and UI/UX Design 

The school website should be designed the way that the users start from selecting a course on the main page. Then, the user journey should be as follows – 

  1. For starting a course, the users register on the platform and get free and quick access to several modules. 

  2. Every information about the school should be provided on the website to the students and their parents do not have any difficulty in looking for any information. 

  • Main Technical Stack 

The school website should be developed on a free and open-source web framework. React, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Angular can be used for the frontend development. 

How much does it cost to build a school website? 

The price of school websites development varies greatly as it is clearly no surprise that every feature added will increase the budget. Basically, the whole process of development includes 2 primary steps –MVP and additional website refinements. 

How to grow School website for managing online education? 

To be ahead of the competition, your school website should offer the best compilation of content, usability, and design. A good idea is to spend some time to monitor the school sites of your competitors and outline the school website industry must-haves, when you are thinking of the design. 

Below are some of the indispensable rules of school websites – 

  • Have your own corporate style and graphic charter. 

  • School websites offer different courses, and each item is to have its colour and be highlighted with an original picture. 

  • Accentuate the service so that your user can notice them and remember that you have it. 

  • Also, accentuate your CTA i.e. call to action buttons and logo. 

  • Present the content most shortly and vividly and outline the skills that the students will get. 

  • You should use the logos of well-trusted brands. 

  • Name your speakers. 

  • Describe the learning process of your school. 

To build a school website, you will need a team of – 

  • Web Analyst 

  • Technical Writer 

  • Technical Support 

  • Illustrator 

  • Designer 

  • Quality Assurance Engineer 

  • Project Manager 

  • Backend Developer 

  • Frontend Developer 

  • Product Manager 

The development period of a school website varies from a month up to 6 months. The period is quite enough to examine the journey of a customer and create an MVP.

You should take the following steps for developing a school’s website – 

  • Traffic attracting and web analysis 

  • Project release 

  • Testing 

  • Sprints (each of them takes a 14 day time period) 

  • Form the necessary team 

  • Segment the process 

  • Outline exact releases and tasks 

  • Outline the exact tasks pool for the coming future 

  • Find the content you need 

  • Examine its preparation process 

  • List your key features 

  • Think of your KPI 

  • Outline your business need 


So, these are the do's and don’ts of developing and growing a school website for managing online education. As we all know, online education has taken a sprint in the era of COVID-19. So, this is the absolute right time to develop a school website and grow your business.