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How to Discover How Much You Can Win in a Slot

In the casino world, there is often more than one way to discover anything you want to learn. Take online slots, for instance. Did you know that there are five top ways to discover what a slot can payout long before you wager real money on it? While this may seem like homework, checking out what you can win (and, at the same time, what it costs to bet) before you stake your hard-earned cash is just good common sense. Allow us to showcase five top ways to discover how much you can win in a slot below. They include:

Claim a Casino Bonus

The first method is to claim a casino bonus and have a crack at the game yourself. Obviously, when you claim a free spin or match deposit bonus, you’re not actually wagering real money, so you can readily learn what a slot has to offer in a risk-free environment. However, since this option does involve spending cash (albeit bonus funds and not your own money) on a game that you don’t know, we’ll move on to the next one.

Check the Paytable

Checking the paytable should give you a crystal-clear indication of what a slot pays out. In many cases, paytables are relative to your stake, so you may have to set your stake (without wagering) first to see the values in the paytable multiply. In many cases, they will be displayed as a value x your stake. For instance, 1,000x means a thousand times your bet. Things get trickier when prizes are displayed as coins.

Read Slot Reviews

Most top gambling news and review sites will review slots as part of their service. Assuming you can trust the source and the writer isn’t just being paid to overhype so-so slots (this does happen), then you can get a good idea of what a slot really pays from someone who has played it. Again, it all hinges on how accurate the review is and how reliable the website happens to be.

Head to the Developer’s Website

You can also head to a developer’s website. We are talking about the software provider behind the game here. This will give you a terrific indication of what a slot is really like – casino software providers won’t lie on their website. The only hiccup can be if a casino has altered the game’s mechanics, RTP rates and so on in any way. However, most software providers don’t allow them to do this, allowing you to get a clear picture of what is winnable via this method.

Play Slots for Free

Finally, and this is our personal favourite, you can always play slots for free. Most casinos offer free-to-play demo versions of their sites. Moreover, casino software provider websites and casino and slot review sites often carry free-to-play slot games. You’ve got nothing to lose by having a crack at free-to-play slot games, so we suggest you take advantage of them. This is arguably the best and most accurate way of gauging what a slot will cough up when you play it for real money later.

Syandita Malakar
Syandita Malakar
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