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How To Do Maintenance Of Your Bedroom

Looking at how cozy and comfortable those well designed bedrooms on a TV show makes me want to remodel my bedroom. But when I realize how expensive that can be I just opt to clean it and reorganize the fixtures. Playing the role of an interior designer without having to spend too much is not a bad idea. And the first rule is to maintain your bedroom as attractive as it can be so you can throw yourself on the bed anytime. If you want to maintain the cozyness of your bedroom there are tips that you can follow.

Keep It Clean

The bedroom is our resting place, hide out, a refuge in times of stress or whatever you may call it. It is a part of our home where we find tranquility and solitude when we want to be alone. It is also a place of entertainment where we can be couch potatoes. But how can we have inner peace if it stinks and messy?

Regular cleaning should be done at least once or three times a week. Start by collecting the dirty clothes and put them in the laundry. Bacteria grow on dirty fabric that releases unwanted smell in the surroundings. Open the windows to let some air flow in as bad odor grows stronger when your room lacks ventilation.

Regularly sweep the floor and vacuum your carpet to remove the dust and pieces of trash. Arrange your books, pens and other things on top of your desk to remove the clutter. You may place some scented candles or scent diffuser to keep your room smelling fresh and clean. Bring in some indoor plants that will help purify the air and add coziness in your bedroom.


Clean Your Bedding's

Dirty clothes are not the only ones that cause bad smell. Unwashed linen and pillows are also sources of mites and bacteria. So be sure to dispose off those used bedsheet and pillow covers and replace them with fresh ones. Dust your pillows and place them under the sun to deodorize them.

Your mattress deserve the same type of attention. It is always better to regularly vacuum it to avoid mites. It should be aired and deodorized to remove allergens and molds. Also check if there are deformed areas that might affect your sleep. The best rated mattresses at last long and will never give you a tough time getting a good rest.

Do not forget the damp foot rag if there’s any. Mildew grows on damp and wet places such as floor rags. Replace them when needed to keep your room clean and dry.

Decorate Your Room

If it is necessary and you have time, changing the color of your walls would be a good idea. Colors attract us and they connect to our emotions as they convey a meaning. Use colors that suit your taste. But if you haven’t decided which color to use, try some shades of green that is refreshing to the eyesight. Like lush green trees, this shade could rest our eyes after reading several chapters of a book.

You can also use any cool or warm colors depending on your style. Try some color combination like shades of green and terracotta or any combination that is appealing to you.

richard kasperowski 9rYv bZqJDQ unsplash-BMH

Display some accessories such as wall frames to add some depth in your room. Get some trinkets that you can hang anywhere like a wind chime on your window. These can be bought outside or you may also make your own. Perhaps those used papers that you are about to throw in the garbage could still be useful. Try to create them into a thousand colorful paper cranes or hanging ballerinas.

pete wright J1jvVthddAg unsplash-BMH

Those old bottles in your garage can be painted in different colors and you can place some lit candles or fairy lights in them at night. This will make your room glow in warmth that will calm your senses and resonate tranquility.

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