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How to Do Your Own Pest Control Treatment?

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No one likes to share their home with bugs. But then, hiring a professional pest control agency can be quite costly for you. This is where DIY tricks will save you around 30% of the service charge by any professional pest control agency. If you are looking to learn some quick win tips then check out  Synergy². It has a lot of excellent tips and advice for controlling pests on your own.

The best way to fight pests is not to let them enter your home. Yes, like the old saying, prevention is always better than cure. There are many effective pest control products you will find either online or at your local store. But things won’t work if you don’t follow a proper sanitization plan. So, you need to prepare your home before using products to kill insects.

Where Do Most Commons Pests Live?

Before devising a pest control plan, you must know the areas where they reside.

Ants – Do you have tree branches touching your house? If yes, it’s the big-bridge for ants’ to move inside your home.

Bats – These nocturnal pests thrive inside gaps, vents, and adjoining rooflines.

Cockroaches – Cardboard boxes are the perfect habitat for a cockroach colony.

Mice – If you have uncovered bathroom holes or gaps around foundations, rodents will find the best place to jump around.

Bugs – Shallow slopes, basements, and poorly directed downspouts are the resting places for centipedes, spiders, and other bugs to thrive.

Can You Control Pests?

Yes, you can control pests from entering your property. Synergy² has some outstanding pest controlling remedies that you can use to ward off pests from the property. You don’t need to hire agencies for roaches, ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and flies. Saving dollars is the primary reason why you should opt for a DIY technique.

What Do Professionals Use?

Professional exterminator agencies like Synergy² use a variety of pesticide materials to control bugs. The most standard treatment option is applying the chemicals around your property. There are a good number of pest control products available in the market. But it is tough to choose the one that works for you. Even if you go through extensive research, the case will primarily rest on a trial-and-error basis. Professional grade pest products are effective in killing almost 100% of rodents. However, you should resort to green chemicals that are safe to use and harmless for your family.

Do You Need Monthly Pest Treatments?

It depends on the type of infestation at your home. Usually, you would require pest control treatment once every three to four months. But for massive infestation, monthly pest control programs might be necessary. You can contract Synergy² for the best plan depending on your unique requirement.

How To Make Spray At Home?

Homemade bug sprays are popular among homeowners who take care of their property. It is easy to use and uses simple ingredients. You will find plenty of recipes when you search the internet. A simple solution would require a 16 oz spray bottle, 14 oz distilled water, lavender, and eucalyptus oil.

  • Pour 14 oz of distilled water into the 16 oz bottle.
  • Add 10 drops of lavender and eucalyptus oil.
  • Shake it properly before each treatment process

It would be an effective treatment for bugs and pests around your property.

Pest Control Tip For Ants

There are many household mixtures you can try to destroy ant colonies at home. Synergy² has some excellent DIY tips:

Coffee Ground

Sprinkle some coffee grounds around the ant colony and outside doors and windows. It is one of the most cost-effective remedies you can deploy to kill ants.

Borax Mixture

Add ½ tbsp. Of borax and combination, it is 1 cup of sugar. Soak a few fiber balls in the mixture and throw them around the property. The ants will take the cotton balls attracted by the smell of sugar, and the borax will kill the ants and destroy their nests.

DIY Tip For Cockroaches

Cockroaches are simply nemesis and thrive in warm climates. Use this remedy from Synergy² to stifle cockroaches.

Baking Soda With Sugar

Take a few amounts of baking soda and mix equal parts of sugar with it. Spray the mixture around your kitchen and rooms. Baking soda combines with roaches stomach acid and kills them slowly.

Pest Control Tips For Spiders

Spiders refuse to go from your home. You must have tried several techniques to get rid of them but failed to achieve the desired result.

Vinegar With Water Spray

Mix equivalent quantities of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Vinegar is dangerous for spiders and will repel these insects from invading your property.

These DIY techniques are highly effective in killing pests unless the problem is severe. If you are suffering from a colossal pest infestation, it’s best to contact reputed exterminators like Synergy² for achieving the best result.

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