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How to effectively prospect on LinkedIn in 2021

Prospecting is another "sell without selling approach" there are tons of guidelines on google, but the important thing you need to know is the "right method,” “right tool,” and "right direction."

These are the basic fundamental steps and within each one there are many variables and options to improve, enhance, maximise and optimize the prospecting campaign to align with your business goals. 

Right Method:

People will tell you to go easy, build a power profile, engage in open conversations, be personal and ‘human’ as much as possible.

But let's be honest, are you intending to be nice to a small number of people, or get your business in-front of as many people as possible? Of course there is a balance and you and not intending to spam anyone. This is for sure. As your reputation must always be held above anything. It is your business after all.

But the old and maybe more traditional, ‘expected’ ways of prospecting are now blurring the lines with more technology combined with modern platforms. You must consider your ethics as a business - not that it is unethical but how you are comfortable to be perceived. 

It somehow shows you how good you are at something but not if you are THE person for it. I won't say that it is hard to become a ruling element for leads but it takes no time to turn your prospecting into procrastinating if you are stuck with the same old tips & tricks.

In short, B2B prospecting & prospecting are parallel with a little difference.

B2B prospecting is an actual seeker to offer products and services, you get involved with individuals, companies, talk about business, and market your company, whereas prospecting is to build a trust and relationship first to let them see what you can offer, who you truly are and then to market yourself! 

When prospecting the lead, do remember that there are five stages of user awareness:

???? Completely unaware: Not aware if the problem truly exists or they need help.

???? Problem aware: Knows that the problem exists but unknown to the solutions.

???? Solution aware: Well-known with the solution but not sure how to solve it anyway. 

???? Product unaware: Knows that the solution demands a product but not sure which one.

???? Most aware: Everything you want to target for, they are aware of it already, all they want is someone trustworthy to do the job efficiently.

Either way, you’ll need a premium LinkedIn tool, whether you want to close great deals or turn your prospect into a long-term customer.

Right tools:

These are the five top LinkedIn tools for your Digital Marketing, B2B Lead Generation Sales Strategy:

  • eLink Pro 

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Linked Helper


  • Attach

For more free exciting tools, basic guidelines, pros & cons and smart implementations, take a help from this article: 

Right Direction:

Know all the “whys” behind your prospection, acknowledge your goals and learn how to generate qualified leads on LinkedIn,

  1. Know your audience: Who are you targeting and talking to? 

  2. Create SEO relevant content: According to the five-awareness stage focus on their pain points and problem before pinpointing them. 

  3. Publish your articles on LinkedIn pulse: The quality speech and text are a heart of wining qualified leads. If you have a great word-to-mouth, you can sell and buy anything. 

  4. Contribute in the groups: If you want to prospect, dive deeper, search around, involve yourself and identify the potential.

  5. Your profile is the key: Consistently upgrade it: customize your profile URL, play with keywords, link your profile with the company, complete all incomplete information, pun with graphics and voila, your brand is ready to grab an eye!


Just when you have an exposure, high-performing profile and a clear path, start moving in the right direction. LinkedIn is a great place where each day, thousands of members share online CVs, professional credibility and their stories, this is the time you see what challenges they can face and what opportunities you can bring to them.

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