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How to efficiently build a website?

A website is the basic need of any business firm for an online presence. It helps them widen their opportunities across the globe through the digital market. Often business firms who have just established their name in the offline market wish to grab a position in the online market too. But the common problem is that they don't know how to start.

You might wish to get your website for your business but how? There are some simple steps which we have elaborated and discussed here. Go through the article, and you will surely get some idea about how to build a website.

Ways to have a significant online presence for your business

Find out how you can make your online presence with a neat website that brings in good traffic:

  1. Communicating Mission Statement Online

Once you are done with identifying your value proposition, you can start working on how to communicate it online. Begin with the terms which address the problems of your customer. You must create an association with the brand and customer queries. You can also take help from certain SEO professionals available both at online website and offline firms. There will be a lot of competition, so you need to be sure about what you offer and attractively present them.

  1. Understanding Customer Segment

To understand the customer segment you need to know a few things. Start by researching the market such as:

  • How are the substitutes of your product performing in the market?
  • Is the trend of potential customers rising or falling?
  • If falling then do you plan to showcase your product?
  • What are the needs, demography, and motivation of your customers?
  • Which mode of dealing do they prefer, online or offline?
  • What is the impulse instigating them to buy your product?

Through these questions, you get an idea about the further steps you need to take. Build your website depending on the answers obtained from these questions. Keep a compact architecture of your site with which your customers can relate their needs.

  1. Digital Competitors

As the entire process is taking place in the digital market, you need to know your digital competitors. There are three types of digital competitors, Search Competitor, Business Competitor, and Cross-Industry Competitor.

  • Search Competitor – These are the competitors who rank on the same product you’re offering. They target the same keywords as you, but the offerings might be different.
  • Business Competitors – These are the business owner who caters similar products to the customer and addresses related queries which you aim to solve.
  • Cross-Industry Competitor – They discuss questions and deliver similar offerings indirectly to your target customers.

Once you know who your competitors are, you need to evaluate their positions in the market and how you can reach there.

  • How well is your competitor’s performance?
  • How much is their brand strength?
  • How do they differ among themselves?
  • How have they designed their site architecture?
  • How does their link profile looks?
  1. HTTPS or HTTP

This is an essential part of building a website. You need to decide whether you want HTTP or HTTPS because SERP depends on this factor. If your site allows online payment, then HTTPS is the only option as it provides complete security.

  1. URL’s Canonical Version

You cannot risk this factor as Google can access contents through multiple URL which might lead to duplicate content issue. In the absence of one proper version, numerous pages will compete with each other. According to web developers, a page is unique if it has a single database and id. In the case of search engines, the URL is a unique identity. When you are building your website, remember that all content should have separate URLs.

  1. Site Speed

While developers are rushing to deliver codes on time, they miss out on the areas affecting site speed. It is another critical factor which matters a lot in SERP. Keep a note on the site speed and develop the areas concerning the page speed. Websites that is quick to load and easy to browse through, come up higher on the search results.

  1. The flexibility of Editing

Google, being a huge platform, keeps on recommending updates and requirements. You must build a website which is flexible to make changes quickly and accepts updates regularly.

  1. Content Design

You need to be sure about what type of content you wish to host on your website. Are they images or comprehensive guides or video library or short descriptions? You need to strategize your website content regarding the formats and functionality. The type of content you use on your website will help in designing the site better. You too need to maintain consistency with materials and keep your visitors amazed with them. Any content which promotes your website improves its ranking and brings in traffic is good content.

  1. Structured Data and Machine Readability

You need to be aware of the issues created by technologies used to develop and maintain websites. It doesn’t matter if you are using Java-script or Flash, the moment it starts affecting your site; it’s all a waste. Even though these technologies or software gives a better user experience, some technology can make it tough for crawlers to understand. You must work on improving structured data and machine readability by marking up web pages of your website.

  1. Design Responsiveness

With the availability of a variety of devices and especially the behavior patterns of mobile phones it is one of the most used methods for web access. Mobile is a separate technological channel with the highest web access. To have better user experience, design the website for seamless usage for the long-term. A site with consistent and transparent user experience ranks higher in all segment of digital marketing. To fulfill this goal websites, must have design responsiveness and dynamic services. When a site is fully equipped with all requirements, it has the eligibility of ranking high in SERPs.

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