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How To Embrace Professionalism in Dresswear For Women 50+

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Women often face the challenge of dressing fashionably while also dressing in a way that signals their level of age-appropriate professionalism at work; however, on top of this, women also need to address the physical changes that can take place within their own bodies. As your body, shape, size and style shift over time, here are a few ways that you can embrace professionalism once you hit 50 and beyond.

Normalize The Fact That Bodies Change

The reality is that bodies change over time. The way that they look, the nutrients that they need and the way that they function shifts; however, this doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with these changes. Just as you would adjust the way that you are fueling your body to ensure that it is getting what it needs and incorporating ingredients in gundry md supplements to help you manage these transitions, you need to normalize the change in shape and size of your body. As the body ages, there are different ways that you can adjust your style to fully embrace and embolden these changes.

Swap Your Stilettos For Flats

Because bodies can change with age, it is important to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. If you want to embody professionalism, don’t let yourself be distracted by the pain of heels that can detract from your work, mood and attention. Especially if you have developed back problems, varicose veins or joint discomfort, it may be time to swap out your stilettos for flats. You can remain professional and well put together with a classy pair of flats or dress loafers. This way you can exude the level of professionalism you are striving for without sacrificing your comfort, style or safety.

Embrace Style and Trends

It can be a misconception that older women wear frumpy or drab clothing. If you want to stand out  in the business world, make sure that you embrace styles and trends so that your clothes don't age you. If you stick to styles of the past, these outdated trends will make you appear outdated and older than you are. Instead of letting old styles get the best of you, show off your best, confident self by embracing the styles of today.

Stick to Your Style

While you will want to keep up with popular trends and fashion styles, don’t be afraid to stick to what makes you feel most comfortable. Whether you prefer stylish and chic, relaxed and artistic or cool and clean, you can embrace the style that best suits who you are and the industry that you work in. Your most authentic self is the best side of you.

Show Some Skin Tastefully

When women age, many feel that showing off any skin is distasteful and gauche; however, there are ways to show off a bit of skin tastefully. Instead of opting for plunging necklines, consider a flattering cut like a boatneck. Avoid any extreme lengths of skirts and dresses, as too high of a hemline and it can seem a bit distasteful while ankle length hemlines on skirts and dresses can age you unnecessarily. Right in the middle at the knee can be both feminine and classy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Play With Color And Pattern

While you may feel like colors and patterns are reserved for the youth, a colorful print or trendy color can be the perfect way to spice up a classic style. Matching colors and the right color combinations would be a great way to look great in the office. Consider how a bright colored cardigan can be the perfect way to add some fun to your wardrobe while remaining professional. While you may want to avoid gaudy patterns or colors that resemble highlighters, there are plenty of ways to play up prints and enjoy a colorful closet.

Make Sure You Have These Must-Haves

As a professional in business, you need to make sure that you are equipped with some of the basics. Everything from a belt to define your waist to beautiful accessories to classic pieces like a black pencil skirt and a fitted jacket will be key to defining your closet. If you want to exude professionalism, make sure that your closet comes prepared with these pieces.

Enlist The Help of a Good Tailor

The reality is that many pieces were made but do not account for individual people’s various shapes and sizes. While you can certainly purchase items off the rack, enlisting the help of a trusted and skilled tailor can help you achieve the perfect look. Nothing looks chicer and more stylish than having something perfectly fitted to your specific shape, size and measurements.


It can feel difficult to know how to embrace these changes in your body as you age. If you want to embody style, poise and professionalism, following these tips can help you achieve the perfect look that you have been searching for. Possibly the most important step is for you to be comfortable in your own skin while also embracing stepping outside of your comfort zone in your style.

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