How to enhance love, stamina, and libido?


Can special foods heighten men's libido?

Here are immense foods to improve intimate performance, stimulate desire, and enhance passion for eating before, while, and after sensuality. Sex also has its diet, and some foods can enhance sexual fulfillment in a perfectly natural way.

They do this gratitude to particular nutrients that improve blood circulation in the below parts or arouse desire. In short, if you want to enhance the passion, put the following 10 foods in the buying cart to better love.

Avocado is aphrodisiac

Avocado is a superfood by capabilities, even aphrodisiacs. Soft, creamy, and tasty, it produces a melt-in-your- mouth feel that makes you want to love.

It contains excellent fats, the now-famous Omega 3, various minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, strengthening itself as a helpful cocktail for health and love.

The Aztec term for this food means "testicle" precisely because of what already knew its stimulating qualities in early times.


Chocolate stimulates the brain area of sensual pleasure.

The chocolate, mostly dark and with no added sugar, is a fabulous friend of desire.

It contains phenyl ethylamine, a substance capable of exciting the brain area of Physical pleasure and increasing endorphins.


Garlic enhances male physical performance. Garlic is considered an excellent natural stimulant, with tonic qualities and an incredible capacity to improve circulation.

It contains a synergy of enzymes, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals able to give a vital energetic increase like Fildena or vidalista 60. It also has detoxifying qualities on the digestive region and intestines that support decongest oneself after a large meal without falling up a bit of love movement.

However, the great thing is that both partners eat it; otherwise, the intense aroma that this food causes sweating and breathe could be a barrier to passion rather than a great help.


The corn supports the disposition to orgasm. Even corn is one of my desire foods. Its crunchy and bright yellow beans are a satisfaction for the eyes and the palate, so much so that its consumption would favor the growth of dopamine, the neurotransmitter issued by the brain that makes us feel euphoric and fulfilled.

Considered the hormone of happiness and reward, dopamine is closely connected to loving orgasm.


Chilli improves erection and female satisfaction. Among the spices most connected to erotic passion is chili. It is an outstanding vasodilator that increases blood flow also in the genital area.

Also, it causes thermogenesis, which is the rise in body heat that helps to disrobe and want to share some of the heat. It also produces a pleasant tingle on the tongue that gives you want to kiss.


The truffle arouses sexual appetite. The truffle, both in the white and in the black variant, is deemed an aphrodisiac food. It includes a hormone, androstenediol, which is now in male pigs and human sweat.

It seems uninviting both at the table and in bed, but it arouses intimate excitement on the olfactory level.


Saffron incites the desire to procreate. The saffron is a sex friend gratitude to a high content of hormone-like elements that stimulate generation desire.

Its delicate taste supports a good mood, and visually, the intense yellow color makes joy and well-being. It is creating the perfect base for love and the joy that comes with it.


Cinnamon improves arousal. Already in early Rome, cinnamon was regarded as an aphrodisiac spice.

In the sixteenth century, many treatises included sexual stimulants, and since then, cinnamon has worked for hand in hand with Eros. The reason? It causes thermogenesis, the increase in body heat, and recovers the blood sugar level.

Those with diabetic difficulties may experience some sexual problems because high glucose levels negatively harm libido so try tadalista or vidalista 40. Cinnamon can help support everything from sugar to passion.

Energetic, digestive, and carminative, it helps to face sheet marathons even after heavy feeds. For Ayurvedic herb, it is even a remedy for impotence.


Rosemary boosts adrenaline production making love wilder. A stimulating pop capable of exciting and chasing away tiredness is rosemary. It excites taste and smell, enhancing the desire for sensitive involvement.

Chemically, it enhances the creation of adrenaline by acting on the adrenal gland.


Sage stimulates female hormone creation. The sage is a supporter of love, in particular when used by women. It is even called "women's plant" because it has many goods on femininity, both bodily and mental.

It positively impacts the mood thanks to antioxidants such as diosmetina, apigenin, and luteolin, decreasing the signs connected with depression.

Improves the T3 hormone, i.e., triiodothyronine, a thyroid hormone connected with vital physiological and metabolic processes.

In general, sage guides keep hormone levels in check and contain an estrogen-like substance that makes it a stimulant for her.

The foods that help you do love better

Walnuts, watermelon, peaches, almonds, eggs, and steaks. According to andrologist Andrea Militello, here are the foods that should never be dropping at the table to improve intimate performance.

S.Christmas is progressing, and the lucky ones will have a few days off to use with their partner and family. Like all holidays, you will have more time to spend with your loved one, even under the sheets.

Throughout the holidays, you have more time to spend with your partner. Food and sex, the foods that support you, do it better. During the holidays you have more time to spend with your partner.

Usually, when it gets to sensuality, men's classic question is: Can Food support us perform strongly in bed? What can or should we eat to better experience our experiences with our partners? It is commonly recognized that foods that resemble parts of the human body can improve intimate desire. But there is much more than just common feeling.