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How to Equip Your Small Business Office

Be it a home or an office, it’s always tricky when you’re trying to equip a small space with furniture or things. The smaller space, the more noticeable the mistakes about arranging it. One of the worst things that could happen is that it is not serving its basic purpose, i.e. it is not functional. Luckily for you, we have comprised a list of tips and must-haves for your modest-looking working space.

Desks for diligence

You can’t do business without them, but first put your thinking cap on and see where exactly the  computer desks would fit, and if they are the “regular” ones, or you’re thinking about the latest adjustable work stations, which allow working while standing (with the right mat on the floor, of course, otherwise it is not recommendable).

Ergonomic chairs

As it is universally acknowledged, sitting for longer periods of time can cause a number of problems: high blood pressure, the danger of suffering a stroke, diabetes, and so on. Sitting in the new smoking, so it’s mandatory that you buy some ergonomic, adjustable chairs which will ooze quality and speak volumes to your business partners about your startup. As for the size, this is the tricky part – one size/model should fit all. Therefore, bear in mind not everybody is of your height and build.

Bare Necessities

Of course, in order to do business while sitting at your desk, you will need some basic electronics. First of all, there is a computer/laptop/tablet/monitors. It would be a good idea to decide whether you need all of these. In any case, whichever you opt for, see to it that they are uniform, i.e. that each employee gets the exact same device. Having disgruntled workers because their colleague got a slightly better machine is undoubtedly bad for business.

Next, you need to decide on the best phone model for your employees and their needs, or should we say your business’ needs.

You simply can’t run a business without a reliable office printer. Paperwork abounds everywhere, even in small offices such as yours. Conveniently, there are lots of interesting models on offer, which can print high volumes and be economical at the same time. Our recommendation is to choose one that has refillable bottles. This will not only save you money but also crucially prevent cartridges from ending up in a landfill.

Lighting up

Ideally, your small office should be bright and airy, but you can’t always find the premises with a great view or lots of sunshine. Nevertheless, proper lighting is vital for getting things done. A fine desk lamp is an excellent way to reduce the glare from the artificial light. Naturally, LED lights are expected to replace all the incandescent ones due to their energy saving qualities.

Green Spaces

A small touch of greenery can go a long way. A couple of strategically placed flowerpots will make the whole room look more inviting to your business partners and clients. Moreover, plants are very much used nowadays in separating the working areas in a natural way with open plan offices, which is much more appealing than the old-fashioned cubicle style.

File cabinets

Even in today’s technologically advanced world, where emails have taken overwritten correspondence for good, there is still a need for the good old file cabinet. They come in different colors and sizes, so it should be fairly easy to pick something for the needs of your business.

Decorate dutifully

It may seem too obvious, but painting and decorating is just as important as some other steps on our list. The wall(s) should be painted in the color of your brand. Large pictures should hang on the walls, and you can also use the good old trick for immediate space expansion: simply strategically place a mirror, and you’ll get that visual impact.

Extra tips

You probably don’t need to spend a fortune on the furniture. Even second-hand desks and chairs will do just fine, provided you spend some time on finding the highest quality ones. With a bit of luck, no one is going to notice they aren’t brand new as they are completely functional. In addition, do think about whether you really need certain items. For instance, a big coffee machine, a conference table, or a landline. The last one is hardly used nowadays since it is a constant source of expense.

With some careful planning and a bit of luck, your small business office will look amazing and inspiring. A happy worker is a productive worker, and if you play your cards right, you can create a great working environment.

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