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How to Escalate Your Business Visibility?


Known things gain trust more easily. Whether it’s a person, brand or business. Someone has been on the market for 10 years, but you haven’t heard of them and someone has been in the market just for 2 years, but you have heard about them now and then, who would you choose? Well, of course, the second one. The intuitive thought hitting your mind would be being in the market for 10 years, how come you haven’t known about it, must be it would not be that good. This is what makes business visibility an integral chunk of the business.

If you didn’t get appropriate inspiration yet, then here it is. The internet is a medium which can take you from scratch to best. Well, it has also become quite populated these days, but this does not refrain the nuances from entering and making their sacred place. You can be the next one. Here are some of the tried and tested ways to entail your business with visibility.

1) Come Up with Your Site

The digital upsurge has led every business to come up with their site. With a website, customers can know every teensy-weensy detail about the business. Number of products, services, the time period of the business, number of satisfied clients and so on. What business should focus on while building their website is the size of the website. Generally, a single-page website will be easily able to portray the information needed by the users. Are the users satisfied with the same? Of course, not. They will right pass you through if it is this short. Check the website of leading Android and iPhone app development company and you will get a fair idea from there.

Luckily, this is something you can exercise your control on. Google Algorithm is something that can help you through. This is not public but then what are we here for. Based on the statistics of Google Algorithm, website having more pages tend to receive more traffic and rank high in the search results. Even Google also assigns a higher amount of links and real estate to those pages having deep page structure with secondary links known as Google site links to the subsidiary page of your business site.

So much be stuck with the thought, how many pages will be needed to get such outcome? Well, there is no fixed number, the more the merrier. Start with few and expand it, once you get the good number of pages, bonus links will start popping up in your SEO results.

2) Mobile App

Everyone is experiencing a mobile shift, haven’t you? The entire set of users and customers are on the mobile these days and they also search for the service provider and business through mobile. Even though you have created a website that’s mobile responsive, the mobile app has its own set of benefits for business. Your customers can have 24*7 visibility of your business through mobile apps. Your business can get a new boost through an app. Despite the fact of whether a small business or big one, every business should, I would rather say must have a mobile app. So, hire an iPhone or Android app development company and get going.

3) Build the Social Presence of Your Business

Social media is a platform where you will find a huge crowd. You never know which audience can be your target audience and get converted into a potential customer. Set up your business account on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Pinterest can also be another good choice, but not every business can make the most out of business. Along with visibility, your business will also get recognition. Social media pages will start getting indexed by the search engines and your business name search will gear up your website traffic. Ensure to update the social accounts with regular contents and on time. There is a specific time when most of the people are on social media and posting at that time will help you give more reach.

4) Ads

In-app ads are one of the essential ways to uplift your business visibility. Some might think it is annoying to put ads in between and users might not appreciate it, but it can help driving traffic to your business and to convert these visitors into your revenue-generating clients. This is also a marketing tactic which along with doing business promotion generate revenue for you. The ad business is booming a lot and a great way for revenue generation as well. If you have a popular app, you can earn a fortune from ad placement.

5) Content Marketing

When there is a small business, there is a fixed budget and exceeding it won’t be an option. Content marketing is an easy way to market your business without having to make a huge hole in the pocket. It helps to bring fresh leads in the business at a low cost. Content marketing provides your audience with lots of information about your business and allows them to build trust. The content marketing should focus on spreading knowledge and information and not on selling the products and services. Guest blogging on popular platforms is a nice way of content marketing on a scanty budget.

6) Share Miniature Moments

It is a very nice tactic to invite users or customers at an early stage of your business. It creates a buzz about your business before it launches in the market. Some sneak peeks and little moments at regular intervals before business launch is a great way of increasing business visibility. These moments can be of the working process, fun time of crew, lunch or dinner memories, or any such thing that can entice the viewers. 

Wrapping up:

With a pool of businesses available digitally, it is really important to make different space for yours. Early adoption of the right tactics will provide a boost to the business and enhance the visibility to the potential customers.

Pratik Kanada I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft and Developers Academy, mobile application development company and IT Training Institute in Ahmedabad which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across iOS and Android platforms. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development, and app marketing.
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