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How To Evaluate Pink Diamonds Before You Invest

How To Evaluate Pink Diamonds Before You Invest

Buying your first pink diamond should be a momentous occasion in your life. These stones are rare and valued and deserve a level of veneration when you are buying them regardless of whether you are buying for pleasure or investment. However, since the investment value of the pink diamonds is undeniable, you need the proper knowledge to be able to carefully evaluate these diamonds before you make a purchase. The information below will get you started in the right direction.

Testing the colour

The pink colour of the stones in itself is not a marker. It has subparts that need proper evaluation to understand the right grade of diamond that you are purchasing. The pink colour is further divided into the hue, saturation of colour and tone. While the pink hue is what is clearly visible on the stone, the undertones will matter marking the full value of the stone. The primary pink colour should be enhanced by the undertones and saturation of the stone. Any saturation or impurity that detracts from the pink colour will decrease the overall value of the stone. Pink-coloured diamonds with zero secondary colour detraction are the most valuable and quite exceedingly rare to find.

Carat weight of the diamonds

Heavier diamonds in the rare pink colour are quite difficult to find. The cost per carat is also disproportionately valuable for such rare pieces. The budget you need to earmark for the stones will depend heavily on the purity of the stones and the carat weight that you want to buy. You have to be prepared to shell out quite a significant sum of money when dealing with stones more than o.5 carats in weight. The stones at this size are so rare that the efforts to carefully evaluate their grade is even more important. Often bigger stones might be a fake replica to fool inexperienced buyers. Only trust highly reliable diamond dealers if this is your first time buying a pink diamond and you are prepared to buy a heavier carat weighing stone.

The cut evaluation

Cut for coloured and non-coloured diamonds are treated very differently. So even if you have bought white diamonds before, for pink coloured diamonds the rule for cut evaluation is different. Coloured diamonds are cut to enhance the intensity of the colour. Traditional cut graduation might not always be the best thing for coloured diamonds, so make sure to take your pink diamond options to an experienced dealer or grader for correct evaluation before you make the purchase.

Natural vs. Synthetic pink diamond

Natural occurring coloured diamonds are rare and the most valuable. However, the markets are flush with many sellers offering synthetic or artificially treated pink diamond options to unsuspecting buyers. The trick here is to always rely on a certificate of authentication from a registered grader to make your decision with regards to the true value of your pink diamond. It is highly recommended to start your browsing with a high-quality dealer so you know that for the price you are shelling out, you only receive authentic pink diamond as your end product. Also, make sure to check for proper certifications and colour intensity verification before you confirm the transaction with your dealer.

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