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How to Extend Your Pool’s Swimming Season?

If you want to extend your swimming season beyond blazing summers that too without incurring high utility bills, then you need to start using a solar pool heating system. When you install a solar pool heater to heat your swimming pool then it will not only keep your pool heated but also will keep the overall operating costs down.

How Does the Solar Panel Pool Heating System Operate?

A solar pool heating system pumps the pool water via a series of tubes that are linked to a solar panel that uses the sun’s heat to warm the cool water of your pool and then recirculate it back into the pool. Solar pool heaters use thermal energy from the sun to warm your pool water. Similar to solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, solar energy collectors are typically mounted on your roof. Water from your pool is pumped through a filter and up to the solar collectors on your roof to the collectors. 

  • Digital Controller

You can use a digital controller to choose the desired water temperatures and make sure your pool is set up for your preferred swimming comfort.

  • Solar Pool Blanket

A solar pool blanket creates a layer above the pool’s water surface, which considerably lowers the evaporation and doesn’t allow heat to escape. In this way, a solar pool blanket will resourcefully entrap your pool’s warm water. Besides, solar pool blankets use bubbles all through their surface to maximize heat retention, as well as, to make the blanket stronger and extend its life. For added convenience, pool blankets can be set up on manual or electric rollers for help when rolling out and spinning in your solar pool blanket.

How much can I extend my swimming season?

Well, you can easily extend your swimming season into the cooler months by using a solar panel heating system and solar pool blankets. When you install and use these solar pool heating products, it can keep your pool water warm and comfortable for swimming by up to four to six weeks on either side of the summer months.

How much warmer can my pool water be?

Normally, a solar panel heating system heats the pool water temperature anywhere between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius. However, obtaining a considerable rise in temperature is dependent on many factors.

What are the factors that affect the performance of a solar pool heater?

  • The key factor being solar collectors used in your solar pool heating system should be large enough for heating to make a significant impact.
  • If your solar collectors and pool are canopied by shade for parts of the day then it will lessen the ability of your solar panel heaters to effectively heat your pool water.
  • Moreover, if your pool is situated in an area that obtains more wind, you’ll need installing more solar collectors because the wind makes water to evaporate, which results in loss of heat.
  • Suppose, your solar panel heaters are installed on your roof, then the position of your roof, material and colour of your roof will play a crucial part in deciding the efficacy of your solar pool heating. Besides, dark coloured roofs built from metal are usually better for transmitting heat.
  • Remember, solar panel heaters are resourceful even on overcast days, but the quantity of solar energy gathered would be lowered by up to 50% of what would be gathered on a clear sunny day.

When selecting a company to install solar panel heaters what should you look for?

When you’re looking for the right company to supply and install a solar panel heating system for you, make sure you look through the following:

  • Nail down companies that have excellent knowledge about their products and offer you valuable advice concerning the pool heating options they provide.
  • Look around for a company that not only has expertise installing but also maintaining solar panel heating systems.
  • Choose a company that supplies premium quality products of the choicest and trusted brands.
  • Make sure the company is appropriately licensed to install solar panel heaters.
  • Verify the company can offer competitive prices without any hidden or extra fees.
  • See what’s covered and what’s not in warranties and extended warranties.

Final Words

Solar pool heating options like solar pool blankets and solar pool heating use the sun’s free energy and spread out that heat across your pool. If you and your family want to keep enjoying the fun and comfort of your swimming pool into the cooler months, then you’ll need to install a premium quality solar panel heater from an established pool heating company today. These passive methods can also make the pool too warm during the summer months where the pool’s sun load is much greater. An active means of solar heating a pool is solar-assisted heating where water is pumped through a solar-heated pipe array (typically painted black to absorb sunlight). The solar-assisted water heater array would only be used as necessary with proper valving.

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