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How To Find A Crypto ATM Machine Near You

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Fascinated by cryptocurrency but don’t know how to invest in them? You are not alone. There are tens of thousands of people out there who are curious about BTC and ETH but find it a bit tough to invest in them because they believe it is a complicated process and rightly so.

Understanding the working of a cryptocurrency exchange is not easy, even for those who are a bit tech-savvy. However, it is now not necessary to understand and decode the working of crypto exchange to be able to buy some crypto coins. The Crypto ATM has been created to make it easy for anyone to buy BTC or ETH or any other cryptocurrency.

The Steps Towards Owning BTC

The first thing to do is find a Bitcoin ATM

You can find one by searching for ‘Bitcoin ATM near me’ on the web after sharing your location and you will be guided to the nearest BTC ATM.

You can also visit cryptobaseatm.com and use the online map provided on the website to locate the ATM for ‘Bitcoin near me’ with little effort. 

The company has recognized the huge and growing demand for Crypto ATMs and has now provided such ATMs at over 500 locations across the United States for the benefit of cryptocurrency investors. They can now buy or sell BTC without any hassle by simply locating an ATM near them and following the guidelines stated on these user-friendly systems.

Make Sure You Follow The Instructions Carefully And Apply Them

Now that you have found a BTC ATM and have understood the basic concept about its working, the next step is to buy BTC. So far, you have made the right moves because a Bitcoin ATM is the fastest way of buying cryptocurrency and also the most convenient method of owning BTCs. 

Once you are inside the BTC ATM kiosk, have a close look at the ATM screen for the buy Bitcoin tab. Press the tab and you will be prompted to enter your mobile number. On continuing the process, you will receive a text message that contains the verification code – a vital step in the whole process.

Step 2 of the BTC buying process involves entering the code received on your phone and setting a 4-digit password to ensure access to the next crucial steps. 

Where Can You Get Your BTC?

When you have set up a 4-digit pin successfully, you get a step closer to buying the coin of your choice. From the ATM screen, select the type of coin you would like to purchase, and importantly, select the method through which you want the coin delivered. You have three choices:

  • Scan the QR code on your phone wallet

  • Create a paper wallet 

  • Enter the address where you want the coin delivered manually

The fourth step in the process is making the payment to buy BTC. At present, the BTC ATM is designed to accept only cash as the mode of payment. Make sure you place one note at a time in the machine. The ATM will calculate the amount of money deposited and complete the crypto coin transaction for the same value. 


The Bitcoin or any other coin you have chosen has to be sent to you on the Bitcoin network. It may take a few confirmations before you get the Bitcoin in your wallet, depending on the wallet you are using.



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