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How To Find A Good DUI Lawyer?

Sometimes we act irresponsibly and commit offenses. We have to live with their consequences. Over 1 million cases of DUI ( Driving Under the Influence ) of alcohol or narcotics are reported every year. Driving under the influence is not only dangerous to you but also endangers the lives around you. We must be very careful and responsible enough to avoid DUI cases. If you find yourself facing legal issues related to DUI, consulting with experts in DUI Tempe can provide guidance and support tailored to your situation.

If you are booked with a DUI case, hiring an experienced DUI lawyer in phoenix may take some of the stress away. He would stick by you and fight your case legally on your behalf.

We have discussed a few tips below that would help you find a good DUI lawyer:

Research Well

Any good lawyer who is well experienced and understands your case would not jump right out at you. It is essential to research various DUI attorneys around you. This would ensure that you hire the best and right lawyer for your case. You can search for a good DUI lawyer in phoenix, over the internet or social media. Personal recommendations from friends and family are also a reliable source.

Make A List Of Potential Lawyers

After a good and thorough research, it is essential to make a list of potential lawyers to contact. An Excel spreadsheet or a hand-written log is always advisory. You should keep a note of their names along with their contact details, their practice area, residential and office address. If possible, you can also make a column of the cost of the DUI lawyers in phoenix. This would also help you keep your budget in check.


There is no substitute for an experienced lawyer. Just having the tag of a lawyer does not make the person capable of dealing with your case. You need to hire an attorney who has significant experience in dealing with DUI and DMV cases in the past. You should also keep a check on your state bar association website in order to make sure that your chosen attorney does not have any history of malpractices and is clear of any past disciplinary actions. The person must be well acquainted with the disciplinary proceedings in your area. In most cases, the accused suffers a ban on the driving license. An experienced DUI lawyer in phoenix may be able to convince the DMV not to suspend your license at the hearing.

Schedule An In-Person Meeting

Although in-person meetings take some time out of your busy schedule, it is vital to conduct these in serious cases of DUI. An in-person meeting with your trusted attorney gives you a transparent idea of the legal proceedings. You will also get an idea about how your lawyer works.

You should clarify all your queries and doubts when meeting in person. You should also try to get in-depth knowledge about your attorney in order to make sure if the person is qualified and experienced enough to handle your case. You must then negotiate your fee with your DUI lawyer.


It must be noted that there is no criminal defense attorney who can make any definite promises about your case. You should make sure that your attorney is confident in presenting a solid defense on your behalf. A DUI is a serious matter, and you should keep all the aforementioned tips while choosing your DUI lawyer. You should finally hire a lawyer who meets all of your personal needs. 

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