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How to find a qualified mover?

While preparing his move, let’s stay calm throughout the operation. You are looking for the best solution for transporting boxes, furniture, and other personal belongings. You are thinking of moving on your own. Count with the rental of a truck with or without a driver. You are also tempted by the services of a company relocation, but t and A mover quality are not accessible. Ask for several quotes, and compare the services offered. In the event of a long journey or bulky goods to be moved, this service is the most suitable.

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What are the options for a successful move?

You are moving shortly. There are many moving solutions. Here are two.

Call on the services of private movers. For furniture transport, opt for the rental of a moving truck with or without a driver. It is useful for moving large objects. Some amateur movers have their vehicles. The price of this formula is often reasonable. This option is possible when you move to France.

Hire the services of a professional mover. Most moving companies offer a wide variety of options. With the “big arm” formula, the mover takes care of your serious business. You take care of the rest. The turnkey service relieves you of all the chores of moving. Professional cross country movers take care of all removals, even outside France, which is rarely the case for individuals.

Why use a moving company?

One of the moving solutions is to use moving companies. The advantages of professional movers are manifold

• They provide a quality service. With the professional mover, your heavy furniture is in good hands. This is not the case with an individual.

• They are reliable. Whatever obstacles they encounter during moves, a winding staircase, or the narrow streets of Paris, they will find the right answer. You benefit from the mover’s guarantee. Which is not if you are moving with an individual.

• The professional mover is the ideal partner for your move. They provide you with valuable advice, such as the art of packing fragile items or protecting your furniture, and answer each of your questions.

• He has a sense of service. The driver can travel a long distance and make every effort to deliver your boxes on time.

On what criteria should you choose a team of professional movers?

You are moving soon and decide to use the services of professional movers. You are wondering what search criteria to use when choosing your moving company.

• Check the existence of each moving company contacted.

• Browse customer reviews of these companies.

• Request multiple quotes from moving companies. This service is often free. Contact them online or by phone. The answer does not take long to arrive. Eliminate movers who estimate the cost of your move without leaving.

Upon receipt of quotes, browse the list of services offered in the moving service. Does the moving date match your request? Is the estimated volume of goods to be moved correctly? Make sure you take into account the distance between the old and the new house. Are moving materials — boxes, tape, packaging — included in the prices? Check the price applied to each service as well as the final price.

How to correctly complete the declaration of value?

When moving, the loading and unloading of boxes and other businesses by the mover can lead to the breakage of objects. Compensation is then made according to the elements entered on the declaration of value, a document attached to the mover’s estimate. The cost of the declared goods influences the price of the service offered by the removal company. To complete the declaration of value, here are the tips:

• Note the number of pieces of furniture as well as the overall weight.

•List those whose cost is greater than the threshold defined by the mover.

•You do not know the price of certain goods? Adopt the fee charged on online merchant sites.

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