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How to find Authentic Center for Yoga Teacher Training in India?

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There has been an upsurge in the popularity of yoga, especially in the urban world. More and more people are turning towards the yoga practices because of its proven results and efficacy. As they devote their time and energy to the science of yoga, they fell in love with this divine healing discipline, which gives rise to the aspiration of becoming a yoga teacher.

For becoming a validated yoga teacher, completing a yoga teacher training program is of utmost importance. And, for doing an YTTC, you have to enroll in a yoga center. Owing to the admiration for yoga among mankind, the streets of India have witnessed budding yoga centers.

In order to help our readers choose the best yoga center among the many for yoga teacher training in India, we have illustrated the process in 5 steps.

1. The Reputation: India is a land brimful of yoga centers and schools. Bangalore in India is one destination where you can find reputed and government approved yoga centers. Selecting and registering with a renowned yoga center is always beneficial for the following reasons:

● Upon successful completion of the yoga teacher training in Bangalore, you evolve into a validated yoga teacher
● They ensure 100% accuracy, authenticity and trditionalism
● Offers facilities that are satisfactory.

2. Ambiance and Infrastructure: The reputation of a yoga school ensures that the dealings are transparent and yoga practices adopted are genuine. For living a yoga experience during yoga teacher training in India, ambiance and infrastructure are important. Look for schools that create an inspiring and peaceful atmosphere through motivational quotes, soothing music and fragrances. Infrastructure is another consideration. Find yoga centers with spacious yoga halls, well-built changing rooms and outdoor spaces.

3. Detailed Curriculum: The curriculum is the prime focus of yoga teacher training in India. Meticulously designed curriculum having all the traditional subjects contribute to comprehensive yoga learning and training. The benefit of doing yoga teacher training in Bangalore is access to the well-crafted curriculum.

● Hatha Yoga: Study of Hatha yoga postures
● Ashtanga Yoga: Practice of primary Ashtanga yoga series
● Mantra Yoga: Learning the science of vibration
● Yoga Philosophy: Reading of Yoga Sutras
● Pranayama: Breathing techniques to fortify health of the body-mind
● Meditation: Application of Sushumna meditation and other types like Yoga Nidra

4. Experienced Teachers: “A teacher is the source of true knowledge.” When selecting a yoga center for undergoing a yoga teacher training program, do a background check about the teaching faculty. Get trained by teachers who are qualified and have ingrained knowledge about classical yoga subjects. Their experience and humbleness shall remain with you for a lifetime.

5. Food and Accommodation: A yoga center offering yoga teacher training in Bangalore inclusive of food and accommodation is the ideal choice. This serves two purposes: first, the yoga teacher training program becomes economical and second, you experience a yogic lifestyle. Having a chance to live in an ashram-inspired accommodation along with savoring sattvic meals is an absolute delight for the body, mind and soul.

6. Affordability: At last, before making a final decision about selecting a yoga center for enrollment, make sure you compare the yoga teacher training price with other listed yoga centers. Go for an economical yoga teacher training course so that you can acquire required knowledge without spending a hefty amount.

In Bangalore, realize your dream of becoming a yoga teacher by enrolling in an authentic yoga center for yoga teacher training with these steps.

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