Monday, December 11, 2023
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How to find Best Cat Backpack

Among the best cat backpack that have been on the market in recent years, one of my favorite products is a borealis classic backpack .

Over the years, I have tried many methods to transport my cat. It has been under a lot of pressure, especially in the cat cage which makes him very unhappy.

When I almost put him in one of his backpacks, Both he and I felt uncomfortable with a protruding head. The problem is, the interest in beautiful and practical cat transport bag styles in the market over the past few years shows that I am not alone. There are many choices! After careful study, we received a comfortable cat box.

He and I made our trip more enjoyable. The model is very diverse. You can find a suitcase suitable for cats of any weight, breed or size. Handbags, mesh bags, elegant synthetic backpacks. ic fabric or synthetic leather...

With so many options, the classic cat box will soon become a thing of the past.In fact, you can see the transparent bay window on its head will make your cat look like an astronaut in this backpack!

This window is great because it can relieve your cat from some stress, especially when going to the vet. (Most cats hate such visits! My favorite feature of this backpack is that it has a variety of colors.

In addition, your cat can see the outside in the pocket, and the pressure is also small. Yellow looks very fashionable. You can put it Put it in the front or back when walking. However, since it is mainly made of hard plastic, it is best to carry it on your back so as not to hinder your movement. There is a transparent window on the front; it is made of polycarbonate.

-Heat-resistant plastic, shock-proof and scratch-resistant; the back-made of synthetic fiber; there is a handle on the top of the bag, which can be carried with one hand. The bag is not entirely made of plastic (polycarbonate).

The front part where the transparent window is located is made of plastic, and the rear part is made of synthetic fiber. The front is waterproof, very suitable for rainy days. Hug your back. However, he does not have a belt. T

he hook on the bag allows straps to be fastened to prevent the cat from escaping when the bag is fully opened. You can use this hook to hang one of your cat’s favorite toys so that your cat can play in your pocket.

The vents on the front and sides of this backpack allow your cat to breathe comfortably in the bag. However, if you live in a very hot climate and your cat has long hair, the air in the bag may not circulate properly during long walks.

The description of the bag says that the carrying capacity is suitable for cats of 6.5 kg and dogs of 5 kg.However, if you have a large breed of cat, the inside of the bag may be a little tight.

Before buying a bag, I recommend measuring the cat and considering the length of the fur.

Features of miapet astronaut cat backpack

Size 43x23x29 cm

Plastic (polycarbonate) and synthetic fiber.

Heat-resistant, waterproof and shockproof.

Good internal air circulation.

Astronaut design.

Its design is very elegant, with a variety of colors to choose from. adjustable.Pet Squeegee backpack, large capacity

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