How To Find Christmas Tree Decor On eBay

Christmas lights

Nothing fills a home with holiday spirit like a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Building a collection of Christmas tree decor may seem like a daunting task, but it's not that difficult if shoppers know where to look. Most consumers have great success shopping for their Christmas tree decor on eBay.

Types of Christmas Trees Decor

There are several different types of Christmas tree decorations. While it's not necessary to buy decorations from every category, these different varieties can be combined to create a Christmas tree that really stands out.


Some artificial Christmas trees are pre-lit, but the rest will benefit from the glow of twinkling Christmas lights. Shoppers are advised to buy three 100-light sets for each Christmas tree foot. Based on that rule of thumb, a 7-foot tree will require 21 sets of 100 lights. Some consumers prefer to stick with a single color of lights for their tree, while others like to mix and match. There's no right or wrong way to decorate with lights; just make sure the lights are evenly spaced on the tree.


Garland is an easy, inexpensive way to add color and sparkle to a Christmas tree. Shoppers should purchase about 9 feet of garland for each foot of tree. It's safer to buy too much rather than too little since extra garland can always be used to decorate mantles and doorways. Beaded garland and festive ribbons are tasteful options that will work well with any tree; tinsel strands are less widespread but do have a few die-hard fans. 

It's easy to position garland on a tree. Just start at the top and wind the garland gently around the tree in a spiral pattern. Adding some gentle swags to the garland is more attractive than wrapping it in straight lines around the tree. Garland should be placed on a tree after the lights but before the ornaments.


More than any other type of decor, Christmas ornaments can make a style statement and allow consumers to express their individuality. A collection of ornaments can follow a chosen theme, or they can be an eclectic, whimsical mix. It's fun to gradually build up a collection of ornaments over the years, but consumers can opt to buy a set of ornaments to get their Christmas tree off to a good start.

Using a variety of ornaments enhances the visual appeal of a tree. Try to use a mix of traditional balls, icicles, candy canes, and other shapes. A few unique, offbeat ornaments add a dash of whimsy to the tree. When decorating with Christmas ornaments, hang the largest, most eye-catching pieces first. The remaining spaces between the ornaments can be filled with smaller pieces to create a balanced overall look. Be sure to stand back and look at the entire tree every once in a while during the decorating process; this will help to ensure that the ornaments are evenly spaced and balanced.


Tree Topper

An eye-catching tree topper can really pull together a Christmas tree's look. Fans of traditional decor might choose a star, angel, or bow to stand atop their Christmas tree. For a more unique touch, try topping the tree with Santa's sleigh, a monogram initial, or even a funky top hat. Some tree toppers can add additional height to an already-tall tree, but that shouldn't stop people from buying the topper they love. Tree toppers can always be placed slightly off to the side to minimize the height of the tree. Remember to position the tree topper on the tree before the ornaments and other decorations. If a Christmas tree accidentally gets jostled or knocked over while placing the topper, it's safest when it isn't loaded with valuable decorations.

Tree Skirt

A tree skirt adds the finishing touch to a twinkling, decorated tree. When selecting a skirt, try to choose a color or pattern that meshes well with the overall theme of the decor. The skirt should be wide enough to completely cover the tree stand, but it should be no wider than the width of the tree's branches.

Finding Christmas Tree Decors on eBay

It's easy to find all kinds of Christmas tree decor on eBay. To locate these items, start in the Home & Garden section. From there, head to the Home Decor area and then the Holiday & Seasonal Decor category, where a variety of Christmas-related merchandise is available for sale. People can also shop for hard-to-find vintage Christmas tree decorations on eBay. These beautiful antiques can add retro charm to any Christmas tree.