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How to find professional labour in your town online?

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The most nerve-wracking challenge that any homeowner will face in a new city is finding reputable, licensed, and credible service providers such as a handyman. If you are someone who moves frequently, you would know the hassle of locating trustworthy service providers in a new town. 

However, this time when you move to a new town, online business directories such as QRG Tech will teach you the jack of all trades when it comes to finding credible service providers in any town. 

Whether you need a plumber, electrician, painting contractor, or any other home service provider, explore through the various categories at QRG Tech and find the relevant service. 

A new home, whether on rent or your own, may require the assistance of multiple service providers especially the plumbers, painters, electricians, roofing experts, gardeners, etc. 

In addition to QRG Tech that remains at the top when it comes to locating reliable service providers, there are certainly other ways that will help you find professional labour online in your town. 

1. Angie’s List: Membership Based Online Searches

Another great way to find a local service provider online quickly is by registering at Angie’s List. This is a website that provides services only to registered members. However, the site is rich in genuine reviews, ratings, and feedback that can help you gauge the credibility of any service you are looking for. 

The members at Angie’s List are given the option to rate the service of any company using a scale ranging from grade A to grade F. However, the companies cannot rate themselves to elevate their own ranking on the site. This ensures authenticity.  

Angie’s List also provides a special award to certain companies under the name “Certified Pros.” 

2.  HomeAdvisor: All in One Service Provider List

HomeAdvisor has provided assistance to millions of citizens in terms of good local service providers such as carpenters, gardeners, electricians, etc. The site only lists licensed and credible providers. 

All service providers registered at HomeAdvisor have been thoroughly scrutinized by the directory and placed in a relevant category. This helps users easily navigate through the site. 

3.  Houzz: Your Comprehensive Marketplace Online

Houzz is famous for providing lists of top interior designers in any town. However, the website providers other local service providers as well. It has known to be home to 40 million users, design experts, and home renovation experts. 

As a homeowner, you can find plumbers, electricians, gardeners, painters, lawn designers, etc., everything in on a single centralized platform online.

Every company that is registered at Houzz also has its own ratings, reviews, etc. that are authentic. You can further browse the service provider by taking a look at the posted pictures, portfolio, etc.  

4. The Nearest Local Hardware Shop 

Another easy way to find a local service provider in your town is by visiting your nearest hardware store. There is no better way of finding a good service provider than through a home repair store. These places have many registered service providers working for them. Hence, you will not have to face any delays. 

Even if the shop does not have employees standing by, they can recommend to you some good servicemen nearby that you can get in touch with.

Moreover, the local hardware store has piles of business cards listing the contact details of service contractors in your town. These will come in handy when you are in need of a service in an emergency. 

5.  Thumbtack: Helps You Find What You Need Instantly

Thumbtack is also a great online platform for searching local service providers in any town across the United States. You simply need to provide the details of your location and the type of service you are looking for. 

You may be required to fill a small questionnaire asking for all the details that are needed for a better and more enhanced search.  

Once you have answered the questions satisfactorily, Thumbtack will share your location details with service providers who can do your task quickly. The professionals will also tell you their pricing, total cost, previous client details, contact information, etc. to assist you in hiring the right person for your task at home. 

6.  Referrals from Friends, Family, & Colleagues

If everything else fails, then the easiest and the quickest way to find a reliable service provider is by getting in touch with people around you. 

Firstly, talk to your neighbours and ask them if they have used the service of any company in their area and tell them to provide you with recommendations. You can also talk to your friends, family, and colleagues for recommendations. Your loved ones will only recommend what is best and whom they have had personal experiences with. 

Important Note: When it comes to recommendations, pay close attention to who is NOT recommended. Listen carefully and learn from the bad experiences of the people around you. 


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