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How To Find Professional Magento Designers & Developers In The U.S.

The eCommerce landscape is growing, and there’s no denying that. With more and more people going online to purchase products, it’s high time we start leveraging the top-notch platform for eCommerce store development (do you know 95% of the sales will be done online by the year 2040?). With such big numbers, it’s paving a patch for online commerce, and now is the time to take a step forward for spiking the business growth.

So, if you have already started an eCommerce store but want the right platform to operate through, Magento is a promising option. However, it’s essential to hire the right Shopify website design agency and Magento Development Company to yield the desired outcomes. With this post, we are sharing why Magento is the best and how you can find an excellent development company. So, are you ready to spike up your business?

Why Is Magento the Best ecommerce Platform?

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Magento is winning the biggest share in the eCommerce market (currently accounting for 12% of the online sites and powering 1.2% of the global internet). Fortunately, Magento has become a promising platform for various online merchants to streamline their eCommerce activities and merchants have witness 3x growth in their online store. We are sharing more information with you to tell you more about why Magento is the best eCommerce platform.


Magneto is designed to deliver a streamlined customer experience that eventually translates into higher revenues. To begin with, this is the open-source platform that results in improved business operations with low-cost hardware. Magento can be deployed pretty quickly, and SEO-friendly configuration helps increase the store’s visibility. Magento is designed with an interactive user interface for better handling, responsive themes for personalization, and multi-channel support to enhance business cross-selling.

Magento actually provides the elastic search features for optimizing the store searches, and a seamless CMS helps update the store information. Also, it can be integrated with third-party apps and plugins to create a personalized experience. Given all these features, the eCommerce businesses will have the flexibility and convenience to customize the store. In addition, you can leverage the customizations to ease the customer experience, promising business enhancement.

  • Customized Themes & Modules

Magento allows the eCommerce store owners to connect with the customer base by developing a user-friendly store. In addition, customized themes can help businesses develop consistent store branding across different sales channels. On top of everything, using customized themes promise a more responsive store that works better with different web browsers. Moreover, with customized modules, the store’s operational efficiency will be enhanced and result in improved functionality must visit.

  • Integrations 

Every customer demands a personalized experience and wants the stores to show related products or products that meet their preferences. For this purpose, Magento allows the users to integrate the store with CRM platforms. As a result, the customer experience will be optimized, and business operations will be seamless. In addition, Magento and CRM integration allow data leveraging, gain insights into the customer experience, and design improvement strategies accordingly.

To conclude, Magento has become an excellent multichannel platform for its user-friendly and efficient features. With constantly increasing competition and online sales, Magento will fit the bill while streamlining the business processes.

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Why Do You Need a Professional Magento Development Company?

  • Strong Online Presence 

When it comes down to developing the Magento-based online store, it’s important to market everything right to build a strong online presence. A professional eCommerce agency will ensure that your store earns maximized profits by widening the customer base. In addition to developing a flawless online store, they can provide advanced marketing techniques that help create a strong presence, resulting in a successful online store.

  • Improved Productivity 

When you hire a professional ecommerce agency, you will know that you’ve hired the right people to work on the store development. Consequently, the in-house team will be able to work on more important tasks, resulting in quicker task completion and improved productivity. For instance, while the eCommerce agency handles web designing and graphics development, your in-house team can work on product shipping and supplies.

  • Enhanced User Experience 

Sure, it might not directly impact, but when your in-house team is working on more important business tasks rather than designing the online agency, it will result in an enhanced user experience. In addition, it will ensure smooth and streamlined business operations. Not to forget, it can help improve operational efficiency by proper daily task regulation and management. In simpler words, hiring an eCommerce agency provides control over the business functions.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Magento Developers For Your Website?

  • Value-Based Business Strategies

When you hire professional Magento developers for the website, they will utilize their experience while designing your website. In addition, they know the factors that can influence the customer experience, so they curate the features accordingly. In simpler words, a professional Magento developer will create a business-oriented store that’s convenient for users and integrate the practical tools.

  • Customer-Oriented Features

The professional Magento developers use their years of experience during the website development while keeping the customers in mind. In addition, they can select and integrate specific features and plugins that align with the customers’ constantly changing requirements.

  • Customized Solutions 

A professional Magento developer starts designing the Magento website with quality and brand in mind. For this purpose, they will customize the features and plugins to yield the desired outcomes. In addition, as a brand, you can have full control over the progress, share your opinions, and a developer will create the features accordingly.

  • Exceptional Quality Standard

A skilled and professional Magento developer generally has a team working with them. Every team member has a specific talent which means everything is done with exceptional quality standards. Moreover, a professional Magento developer will provide quality assurance services to provide an error-free store. 

What Are The Secrets To Selecting An Expert Magento Developers Team?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of hiring the best Magento developer, we are sharing the secrets that will help hire the best Magento developer team, such as;

  • Are They Certified?

When you are trying to hire a Magento developers team, you must check their certifications. In fact, Magento has a partnership program and a certification system that developer teams can opt for. In addition, a Magento developer needs a specific project count to get the certification. So, if they have a certification, it’s a good sign.

  • Experience 

When it comes down to Magento, experience is crucial, which is why you must determine how many years of experience a Magento developer has. For this purpose, you can ask them how many Magento projects they have completed and their portfolio. When you see their previous projects, you will be able to see if they are really worth your time or not.


A Magento store won’t provide value if it’s not designed with the right technologies. So, when hiring the Magento developer team, make sure that they are using the latest technologies, have access to support forums and tools. Also, make sure that the team has enough experience in using these advanced technologies, so store development is smooth and operational efficiency is top-notch.

What Is The Magento Developer Cost In The U.S.?

According to reports, the average salary of a Magento developer ranges from $118,000 annually. However, if you opt for a freelance Magento developer, their hourly charges range from $60 to $100, depending on their experience and technologies-in-use.


Magento is undoubtedly a promising eCommerce platform and yields benefits that no other eCommerce platform allows. With this article, we shared the importance of using a Magento store, the benefits of hiring the Magento development team, and how to find the right people. So, do you think Magento is a suitable option for your booming online store?

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