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How to find sites for guest posting?

Guest posting is one of the best and pretty smart ways to build links to your website from a growing authoritative website relevant to your content. It offers endless benefits to the bloggers looking for a positive reputation of their brand with a group of loyal audience. Besides, it allows the users to get hundreds and thousands of new audiences.

But, to get the benefits of Guest posting, one needs to find worthy sites that can deliver great results from your published work. If you are one of such dedicated content creators or a blogger on the quest of getting the guest posting sites with relevant niches, you are probably in the right place.


Here, you can find 8 smart and effective tips using which you can find sites for guest posting.  You can be ensured of finding a site with great potential to increase the exposure of your site to good traffic by the end of this. So, let’s dive in!

1.    Gather all the blogs that come under your niche

The results appearing on the SERP of Google are enough to give a list of sites that accepts guest posts. But, finding a site from this list would be a pretty lengthy and challenging task. The reason being only a site with the relevant niche can benefit your content and brand, not the others.

The best way to find the sites that welcome “write for us content from bloggers is to reverse mapping your content. For this, you need to make sure of the contents you post in your blog and search for other sites that post relevant information.

It is good to try different content as well to gain some experience, but this technique is best to benefit your website.

2.    Check whether they accept guest posts

Now that you have approached the sites with relevant information, you need to see whether they are accepting guest posts. The best way to ensure this is to go through the contact us and about us section of their website. You may also include their social profile where they are welcoming writers to write for their site.

In case you find this process tiring as you are surfing through several sites you can see whether the site has any published guest posts.

3.    Go through their guidelines

Although a guest post brings in a ton of benefits in branding and driving traffic, writing in a style that you are unaware of may consume your time and energy. Thus, you must go through the guidelines concerning which authoritative site is accepting the content.

You can find the guidelines readily available on their guest post blog or their requirement page.

4.    Craft an idea

Although the guest posting site is relevant to your niche now, you must make compelling content that attracts and engages every visitor. This creates a positive impression of your site on the visitor thus increasing your traffic in return.

So, look around for an idea using which compelling content can be presented uniquely with the potential to turn the eyes of the visitors. Your ultimate goal should be to make every visitor so interested in your content that they look out for your link.

5.    Prepare your pitch and share your idea

Now that you are all prepared with a great idea and a compelling presentation, now you need to share it with the authoritative site. You can find their preferred media to share the content easily on their social media platforms or the site.

 If you are on the quest of finding a site that hosts guest posts, then those tips will surely help you to get the ultimate benefits you are looking for.

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