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How to Find the Best Time to Post on Instagram

With a monthly active user base of over 1 billion, Instagram is an important place for you to gain traction and generate traffic from. While you will be putting lots of effort into creating attractive Instagram posts, if it is not targeted at your audience at the right time, all the effort isn’t going to pay off to the desired levels. So what is the best time to post on Instagram?

General Ideal Time for Posting

There are general ideal times to post your content on Instagram. Usually, 2 PM to 3 PM CDT is considered the best time to post on Instagram. But the engagement level can vary based on which day of the week the post is published. In terms of engagement levels, quantitative vs qualitative, Thursday is considered the most productive day but the ideal times change.

Different days have different influences on people’s moods and routines, and this affects their behavior. So there is no actual best time to publish your posts on Instagram.

It is recommended to follow the following findings to generate the best possible results for your posts.

  • Highest Engagement: It is recommended to post at 5 AM CDT between Tuesday and Friday. This is because Instagram users are likely to check their mobile devices right when they wake up.
  • High Engagement: Post between 11 AM and 3 PM CDT on weekdays if you want to get high level of engagement. These are times during the weekdays when people check their phones during lunch break or when they need to recharge themselves after a hard day at work.
  • Weekends: Publish your Instagram post at 11 AM on Saturdays. This is the time people like to spend time with their friends or enjoy their brunch.

So it is not just the best time to post on Instagram, you should also consider the day of the week as well. The industry your business operates in will also influence the day and time.

Finding the Best Time

As already mentioned, the best times for posting will also vary for each type of business. It is recommended to follow these tips when finding your custom best time to post on Instagram:

  • Find out where your followers are located
  • Determine the time zones you want to target
  • Experiment with different times for posting and measure the progress.

Time Zones & Followers

Consider the time zones your followers are located. The website provides Instagram Insights, which is a powerful analytics tool from IT companies is tool provides you the following information:

  • Where your followers are from
  • Their age
  • Their gender
  • When they are most active

This information should provide you valuable insights into when the best days and times are for posting on Instagram. You can then schedule your posts accordingly.


The next step is to experiment with different posting times and measure the results. This should help you create a spreadsheet and track the level of engagement your posts will receive.

  • Pick 5 different times during the week based on recommendations by Instagram Insights.
  • Track the number of likes and comments received against each post and record the day and time.
  • Change the times next week to track the results. Keep changing the times to find the best time to post on Instagram.

This should help you find the best time for your business.

Using this method will help you determine what is the ideal time for publishing your posts. The general best time for posting on the photo-sharing website doesn't offer the optimal results for everyone. So it is important that you find the time that is best for your own business. If you struggle to follow all these things to get your target growth , you may read more to get Instagram likes with an app.

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