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How To Find The Right Face Moisturizer For Skincare Routine?

Feel overwhelmed every single time you choose to buy a face moisturizer? That’s not a surprise, after all, there are hundreds of skincare products on the store aisles and thousands on online stores. Ranging from as cheap as $5 to a moisturizer jell to $500 branded skincare products, and all the other options that fall in between. While people can buy as per their liking, budget, and needs, choosing the right face moisturizer can be a hassle, or is it? Here, we are about to solve the mystery.

Do you need guidance moving forward?

Right opposite to what many believe, the leading dermatologists say “choosing the right face moisturizer is actually very simple if you follow the right guidance.” The first rule of finding the right face moisturizer is to never spend too much. The rest will be explained but first, you need to know:

How does a face moisturizer work?

Cleanser and moisturizer are the two key components of the skincare routine that can help you to achieve healthy and happy skin. Despite the skin type, moisturizer helps to seal the moisture in the outer layer of the skin. Those who have dry skin must associate a skin moisturizer to avoid cracking skin.

While searching in the market, some of the key ingredients you may encounter in the moisturizers are- mineral oil, glycerin, petrolatum, proteins, vitamins, and dimethicone that helps to attract and trap the moisture in the outer layer of the skin.

How to choose the right to moisturize for your skin?

When it comes to choosing face moisturizers, there are several factors that influence decision-making. Those who are buying moisturizer for the first and are not sure what suits them the best may have to go through trials and errors to find the right skincare products. Here patience is the key to find the best face moisturizer. Here what you need to do when choosing the moisturizer for your skincare routine:

Aim for organic

If you are trying for the first time or have sensitive skin, then try to buy organic skincare products online or offline. As organic skincare products do not trigger any allergic reactions, they are safe to use for all skin types. However, if you are going organic then, consider buying from a brand like Lotus Herbal or IKKAI as these brands have a good reputation in the market.

Consider your skin type

As you might know, your face skin is 3 times thinner than the other body skin. Hence, you need to use a different moisturizer than what you use for the body, here going for something less harsh and more suitable will be appropriate. However, if you already know your skin type whether it is dry, oily, or combined, then you can choose the skincare product accordingly. If you have dry skin, then look for something with a richer moisturizer. Similarly, if you have oily skin, then go for the light and oil-free moisturizer.

At IKKAI, experts believe that “face moisturizer should also be changed according to the season to meet the requirements of the skin. For example, in the winter season, our skin requires heavy moisturization to prevent skin cracking while in summer it requires less moisturization and more UV ray’s protection.”

Look for extra protection

As summers are approaching with the scorching heat and harmful UV rays that can cause irreversible damage to the skin, it is important to add SPF into your skincare products. IKKAI also offers a range of face moisturizers that you can wear with the SPF 50 sunscreen to protect the skin all summer.

By following the above guidelines, you can easily find the right face moisturizer to meet your skin needs. As additional advice from the experts, always apply the moisturizer on the damp skin to make the most out of it. Moreover, if you need any further assistance when buying organic skincare products online then, feel free to consult with professionals at IKKAI today. For more information, visit the website!


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