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How to Find the Right Free Online Collage Maker

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Using the right free online collage maker makes social media life much more fun. It can transform your favorite pictures into awesome works of art. It’s a great way to unleash your creativity and make some noise in your online social community. Online collage makers have tools that are easy to use, start here and get inspired with this free online collage maker.

In this article, we will discuss the things to look for when choosing a virtual collage maker.

The Ideal Free Online Collage Maker

There are collage makers that require you to register for a free account. This may seem inconvenient at first. However, that extra step gives your more features than you would with other apps.

To start the process of collage-making, you will be asked to choose your project type. It can be a simple banner, social media graphics, or a presentation. Then, you can decide which template to use.

After uploading your photos, it’s time to make some edits. You can adjust photo size, choose a background color, and add filters. Furthermore, you can add text and other elements to make your design more appealing.

An ideal free collage maker will also let you choose where to save and export your creations.

There are several collage makers available on the internet - our go-to is promo.com - check it out. 


The right free online collage maker is convenient to use.

Many beginners are tempted to look for “complicated” apps thinking the options and features would be better but app makers have provided simple platforms that can produce great results. They are aware that many simply want to create collages in a straightforward manner - do they cut out the complications and make it easy to use. Drag and drop is a great example of that simplicity.

So, how do you know if a collage maker can provide the convenience you’re looking for? Here are the features you should consider:

     Easy printing and sharing

     User-friendly interface

     Adaptive and can be used in all operating systems (for browsers: macOS, Windows, and Linux; for mobile devices – iOS and Android)

     Easy drag-and-drop option, i.e. a photo can be dragged from the desktop straight to the digital canvas

     Highly intuitive to the users’ needs

     Incredibly simple; allows users to quickly create a collage from the get-go


Besides convenience, the right free online collage maker should also be flexible to your design needs. This will let you enjoy a more hands-on, creative approach to making your collage. Check out the following features:

     Highly editable

     Flexible interface

     Can choose between HTML and Flash

     Various adjustable options for colors, filters, and other features

     Customizable size and compression setting

     Customizable output resolution

     Lots of project types such as presentations, book covers, social media graphics, and banners

     Great selection of grids

     Customizable roundness of corners and spacing between photos

     Can choose between themed or customized options

     Stylish templates

     Lots of free and easy-to-apply designs such as rectangles circles, stars, and hearts

     Tons of free pictures

You may look at the list above and feel a tad overwhelmed - we get it. Most of us, even businesses, benefit from having a simple grid to showcase their best images. That really is the gist of it all, so go for simplicity - it’s easier on the eyes anyway.


Depending on your own preference, you can choose a simple or a complex design — as well as grid-based or illustrated ones. When you use a simple grid-based design, it will be easier for you to showcase your pictures.

Keep in mind that a good grid design allows you to adjust image frames without any hassle. With it, you can control aspect ratios, and the sizes and spacing between images.

Variety of Editing Tools

A simple collage maker doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks editing features. Here are essential editing tools you should look for:

     Customizable filters, e.g. Instagram-style filter options

     Advanced options for adjusting the photo’s exposure, contrast, brightness, hue, and saturation

     Various background options, such as plain-colored, geometric patterns, and landscapes

     Option to grab and use photos from Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, and Instagram

     Variety of design options, such as grids, images, clip art, icons, shapes, stickers, borders, text, and other items

Availability of File Formats

The right free online collage maker should give you the option to save your work in different ways. Thus, it should have a great choice of export formats, including PDF, PNG, and JPG.


What use will your collages be if you can’t share them? The right free online collage maker should allow you to share your work on social media. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Furthermore, your app should have that capacity to print your collage directly from your browser. This will let you share a tangible piece of art with your loved ones.

Other Features

Many collage makers use advertisements as a source of revenue. However, an ideal free collage-making platform should have no excessive ads that can bother you from completing projects. Therefore, you should choose an app that doesn’t allow ads to hinder your creativity. Nothing’s worse than getting a pop-up when you’re midway through dropping an image into your collage!

With the right collage maker, you should be able to save your work and edit them in the future. You should also consider a platform that allows you to create offline and upload it afterwards. Ultimately, you may try out a few different free online collage makers before landing on one that suits your needs. Just remember that simplicity, ease of use, and flexibility are key.

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